PLZ-83 (130) - An Upgunned Export

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TL;DR: A PLZ-83 equipped with a Type 59-1 130mm cannon.



In the late 1970s NORINCO, specifically Factory 674, began development on a dedicated self-propelled artillery piece to replace the aging PLZ-70 (Type 70-I). This system was to be much more powerful and versatile than its predecessor in just about every way. To achieve this, a reference was needed, one of which could be found in Russia. The 2S3 Akatsiya had just entered Russian service in 1971. It featured a large and lightly armored profile, being equipped with a massive 152mm cannon. The design was perfect for China’s needs. The first prototype was completed in 1980, which was quickly followed by a second in 1981. Production was officially authorized in May of 1983, being unveiled later that year in a military parade. The PL-66 152mm howitzer, a Chinese copy of the Soviet D-20, was chosen as the main weapon. This cannon was capable of firing both Chinese and Russian ammunition, as well as laser guided projectiles. At some point after the PLZ-83’s acceptance into service, NORINCO decided that it would attempt to export the vehicle, however, for some unknown reason, they switched its PL-66 152mm howitzer with a Type 59-1 130mm gun-howitzer, a copy of the Soviet M-46, effectively changing its role from a dedicated SPH to more of a tank destroyer. This vehicle, which will be called PLZ-83 (130) for simplicity, had a maximum fire rate of 4-5 rounds per minute, with 38 rounds available. A 520hp engine allowed for a max speed of 55kph. The gun could depress -5 degrees and a roof mounted 12.7mm HMG was present. It is unknown exactly what happened to the single PLZ-83 (130), however, it can be reasonably assumed that it was dismantled after no customers showed interest.

Place In War Thunder:

China has a knack for messing with its designs, turning them into various things. Here, what he have is a self-propelled howitzer turned into a tank destroyer. The PLZ-83 (130)'s high velocity would make hitting targets at long distances much easier than its 152mm armed counterpart. Add powerful and high-penning shells to the mix and you have a one-shot machine. What you don’t have however, is armor or excellent mobility. This would almost force you to pick your positions carefully as well as plan your routes to get to those positions. I believe the the PLZ-83 (130) makes for a perfect rank IV premium SPG as only a single example was built.


Armament: Type 59-1 130mm gun-howitzer and 1x 12.7mm HMG

Dimensions: 7.33m, 3.23m, 3.50m (L,W,H) (Dimensions of the original PLZ-83. This vehicle is longer due to the barrel.)

Weight: 27216kg

Armor: Proof against small arms fire and artillery splinters

Crew: 4

Ammunition: HE-FRAG, APCBC-HE-T, Smoke, and Illumination

Speed: 55kph

Horsepower: 520hp


Page from a foreign trade brochure:



130 mm towed field gun M1954 (M-46) - Wikipedia

M-46 / Type 59 130-mm Towed Gun

NORINCO PLZ-83 (Type 83) 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH)

Type 83 SPH - Wikipedia��������ˤ��������

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That’s a big gun! +1


Always nice to see more Chinese designs a big +1 from me

+1, that cannon looks like an absolute joy to use. The shells must have a bunch of filler in it!

hope to see this folded with PTZ-89

Ye tru, I wouldnt want to pay to play it. Please make it a tech tree vehicle, a fun vehicle like this shouldnt be locked behind a pay wall


It will be a Chinese obj.120, but using aphe, nice to see it.


Any info on the shells, it used/can use?

Russian wikipedia has a list of all the shells, as well as some foreign ones (incl. Chinese ones). It has a multitude of HE rounds, but also APHE rounds penetrating ~250mm at 0m.

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Same ones as the Russian IS-7 and Object 279 pretty much.

Using Gaijin’s calculator, it has 328mm pen at point blank.

It fires the IS-7’s shell, but at 930 m/s instead of 900, so it has a bit more pen.


+1, would be a great 7.0-7.7 vehicle with a great gun and good mobility, but lacking in reload speed, armor, traverse speed etc

Yea sadly, Gaijin will consider this as the premium alternative to the techtree PLZ-83/PTZ-89

THAT IS AWESOME!!! My urge to play this vehicle has just intensified. Please be in tech tree. With that gun it would be a good br 6.3 or 6.7 tank destroyer, really looking foward to frontally penning T-95 players and seeing their jaw drop XD

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Yeah, could be around that BR.
Tho it won’t really pen a T95 from longer ranges, but at close, you definately can troll them.

What’s even better is, that this would actually frontally pen a Tiger 2 upper plate (even the IS-7 can, and this has more pen)

Congratulations, Eugen!


Or a event one like we get it lul

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Honestly, guys … is it worth the grind or do you guys much prefer it as BP or as premium?
For me its a really cool vehicle … but it was obvious that Gaijin was not going to add this rare variant in the TT.

Its HE only?!