Pls make the M1A1 AIM stock grind less terrible

I can’t properly play this squadron tank in stock cause the HEAT-FS can’t penetrate like APFSDS does and sometimes barely do damage. Not everyone has money to go their way through the KE-W modification and its locked in tier 3 mods. Every other Abrams variant either has APFSDS that has either been on tier 1 mod or have it stock. Even the first M1 Abrams variant is much more bearable because it has a tier 1 APFSDS. I don’t have enough time, motivation or SL to grind an M1A1 or IPM1 and I just want a shell that can guarantee penetration and do damage.

ye a lot of tanks in 11.0 br range rlly suffer because they are still in rank 7 so they do not have APFSDS. I had the same problem with M1A2 and what I did was just constantly one-death-leaving until I got APFSDS because its the fastest way imo

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It’s not only the AIM problem, but VII rank in general. Gaijin needs to overhaul all VII rank tanks to make them more playable in stock, like they did to VIII rank.

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then do it for rank 6… then 5… :)

Rank VI dont suffer that much as VII with twice RP modifications cost

Does that matter that it’s not technically as bad when it sucks ass regardless?

Almost all other nations’ high-rank MBTs have stock darts (after an update a year or two ago iirc), USA is the exception. I guess Gaijin want to push US players to buy them with cash

Stock Heatfs was criminal when first implemented and criminal it wasn’t removed now, top tier now gets APFSDS stock whilst the tier below now not only is stuck using HEATFS as before, they now also have to fight in uptiers against targets that get better ammo stock.

Always look for Leclercs and Type 90/10s. You can easily one shot them with the HEATFS.

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