Please make WYOMING 6.3

This thing at a 6.7 is a Joke, The Arizonas Nevadas are better in every single way. The shell on it is on par with 6.3 ships, at 6.7 these shells are a joke.

12 x 12" guns say you get 6.7 and be thankful it isn’t 7.0!

Apparently people are offended by this - go figure!

the shells are garbage m8 what are you talking about? compare it to the APCBC the others get.

The shells are a bit light on HE, but the AP has great penetration - aim at turrets and not just center of mass.

And by “a bit light on HE” I mean 11kg AP or 33kg HE will still destroy cruisers in short order.

And of course Arizona and Nevada are better - they are 14" guns and heavy “all or nothing” armour… but against cruisers the 12 x 12" are actually a better weapon.

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Ap has garbage penetration

Wyoming’s guns have better penetration than almost all the other 12" guns in the game from a similar vintage.

The Japanese are a little bit better at point blank range but worse beyond that, and the Italian a lot better - but at the cost of only 5.7kg filler.

Feel free to get in the real world any time.

Wyoming guns:

German 12" gun:

Russian 12" gun:

British 12" gun:

Japanese 12" gun:

Italian 12" gun:

French 12" gun:

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So are you saying the Wyoming is same power as Nevada, Arizona? Because those things should not be at the same br as Wyoming.

the problem is currently 6.7~7.0 battleship is too cramped so makes Wyoming and Nevada/Arizona is at same BR , and Kommuna and Fuso at same BR. So basically it is problem of Nevada/Arizona to go 7.3(while many battleships at 7.0 go to 7.3), not the problem of Wyoming go down to 6.3


I’m saying that the Wyoming’s BR is consistent with all the other 12 x 12" battleships at 6.7 and even 7.0.

You can’t take the Wyoming down alone, and if you take all the 12 x 12" gun ships down a level then you get compression at the bottom end of the BR’s which is just as bad.

^^^^ - this - BR’s need extending, but then you also need another fudge to aircraft BR’s so you aren’t getting Korean War and later jets fighting WW1 dreadnoughts!!

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At least make the Nevadas and Arizona’s 7.0 then , it’s ridiculous

I don’t mind meeting WW1 Dreadnoughts meeting Korean War Jets. Actually, most of early Jets have worse bomb loadout then WW2 props, and not easily going to sink battleship in one sortie. In Arcade battles it could be problem, but it is problem of only Arcade battle and to be corrected with fixing mechanism of aircraft spawn.


Yes I had a F-84 bomb my Arkansas today , only killed 5% of my crew and I repaired in 25 seconds

Nice. Of nine deaths so far with my Arkansas it was caused 6 times by bombs from high altitude level-bombers. The 12-inchers of the class a very good btw.

Probably didn’t have the max bombload - 2 x 1000lb are unlikely to kill a BB on their own - but in arcade he gets 2 more in 25 seconds and can do it all day!

Recently destroyed 3 BB’s with 3 bombloads with a French AD-4 - 3 x 1000lb bombs each time.

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I don’t play Arcade, only RB

I think, as others have said, the problem isn’t that the Wyoming (and other 12" BBs) are at 6.7, but that there isn’t enough room to put ships like the Arizona and Nevada at higher BRs. The Scharnhorst and Kron being at 7.0 needs to change if we want better power separation and representation. Hopefully when we get to the slightly newer BBs we’ll get a higher BR.