Please issue ground air defense vehicles with performance standard Pantsir s1 to other countries as soon as possible

Not very good at using English, so the grammar will be a little strange, please understand
Russia’s ground air defense capabilities and the ability of aircraft to strike the ground are simply too strong
The su25sm3 can strike outside NATO’s ground air defense coverage area, but no NATO air combat to ground strike capability can threaten the Pantsir s1 in range, not to mention the Pantsir s1’s performance is too abstract, it is not like the current environment changed vehicle. This is not reasonable, if Gaijin wants to restrict CAS, then the most important thing to restrict is the Russian aircraft.
I believe that at least NATO should be issued as soon as possible with a similar performance of the Pantsir s1 ground air defense force. In particular, the range and radar performance of the Pantsir s1 should be at least the same as that of the Pantsir s1, or the NATO CAS should be given weapons to counter the PANTSIR S1 as soon as possible. Even small quantities are acceptable