Please help

Every time I try to create a post it goes to Pending and that’s all. Pls what can I do?

Are you a new member? I believe if you have only recently joined the forum, it might be the reason why you are having that experience, i am confident that it will go away with time

I’m not a new player actually, but I joined forum just recently. And I have no idea what to do

I never said that you were a new player, That i clear from your matches, I said that it was probably from you being a new member of the forum…

Yeah, I misread a little bit, sorry. I’m just in a hectic state already, cause this inability to post makes me nervous

Yeah i felt that way my self when i first joined the forum friend. By any chance are your post that is pending tagged as “Suggestion”? That would explain why it is pending then

Oh, exactly, it’s a suggestion. I want this game to get better. So I’ve got an idea. And I’m afraid I can’t select another category cause it’d be misleading

I think all suggestions go through pending. The moderators review and will only let it go public if they pass it or something i am not really sure, sorry.

You know what’s weird? My friend wrote a suggestion post recently, and it got published instantly. No pending whatsoever. And here I go…

And he’s also started posting relatively recently

Yeah that is weird