Please help i got wiped

i just logged in and my account was just set back to 0 do anyone has the same problem and if so how do i fix it ?

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Are you sure you used the right e-mail address?
If you’re sure there’s a problem, please contact support:


the servers have been on and off recently it probably is just a server issue most likely will show up eventually

AFAIK this is not possible…it would be a really serious bug.
More probable is you are accessing a new account, not the one you already have…

The account below has an history, so should also have a SL balance

Note: It is also possible someone entered your account and spent all the currency. You can check economic history to see if there are any odd purchases…

no im sure its this one i checked with every e-mail i ever used my account just got set back to level 0 and base tanks and aircrafts with none recherched

We do not wipe accounts.
Please contact our support via ticket:
I am sorry, but we cannot help you on forum.