Please give this report about MG FF ammunition some attention

The issue with the MG FF in-game is that it uses shells that were only later used by the MG FF/M.

Historically the MG FF only used HE-T and Tracer shells. Other types of ammunition only become available when the MG FF was already replaced by the MG FF/M which was able to fire the lighter Mineshells.

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You will get no traction from WT here - they will look at he issue report sooner or later.

I’m pretty sure that “I have the same Issue!” button increases the likelyhood of reports getting seen by mods.
Otherwise it would be pointless to have. It’s purpose is to sort reports by making urgent problems that many players encounter a higher priority.
There are like 80.000 reports and more than 40.000 are just trash from players complaining about the game.
Obviously it’s not game breaking but it would be nice to fix historically issue in a timely manner and before closing 500 reports that aren’t bug report related.