Please fix weapon selection with stock missiles on Su-27 and smiliar aircraft

Right now there is an issue that notably afflicts the Su-27 where it has two distinct weapon groups for the R-73 missile. My understanding that this is an issue with stock missiles since under the hood the game treats the stock missile differently than the unlocked missile. So instead of having six R-73s equipped, you actually have 2xR-73(stock) and 4xR-73 (tech tree). This bug afflicts every plane that has stock missiles on a subset of its hardpoints but can equip those same missiles on other hardpoints after researching the missile.

IMO the solution is simple: Just make both the tech-tree and stock missile options available in the custom loadout definition screen. It’s a little awkward to have them both selectable, but it’s a one-and done type thing where players simply define their loadouts to use the tech-tree version of the missile once they unlock it. It would be MUCH better for the custom loadout definition screen to be a little clunky than it is for the weapon selection process to be clunky whenever we’re changing weapons in battle.


Quite true! Post this to the official suggestion, please.

Like the S-25OF and S-25OFM, they are a thing, but they are not.

Gaijin doesn’t care at all

I’ll make a post in suggestions. I was a bit confused by the new forum layout and didn’t notice suggestions.

We’ll just have to make them care.


Hahaha the little guy called it a feature too

“feature” my a**, its extremely annoying and you have to press the same button 5 times to get back to your 1st missile in SU-27


Yeah and you have to count how many times you press or you select the wrong weapon

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yes, it makes the plane weapon systems unusuable in high danger moments cause you already have to press so many stuff

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I hope that it’s ESL/translation stuff at play. As I understand the matter of things, it’s not a “bug” since it’s working to specifications. The issue is that we’ve started encountering cases where the specifications are problematic and it’s time to define new specifications. It’s prominent since the Su-27 is one of the flagship planes of the update, but this problem will only become more widespread as more nations get more high tier planes that start their stock grind with a subset of their full load of short range missiles.

Anyway, I made a thread in the suggestions forum. Or at least I submitted one anyway. I apparently don’t have enough trust for that or something and it’s waiting for moderator approval…

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Does anyone know how long it usually takes the moderators to approve a suggestion thread, or is it sent straight the to circular file? Honestly this “trust” system is fundamentally outrageous. I don’t even see how I can check on the status.

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