Please explain this to me

Everyday when i wake up i get on war thunder eat shit then only in the evening i seem to be doing well and get a bunch of kills? what is this?! peak performance time?


I just unlocked the JA37C Viggen 11.0 and i have no idea what im doing all my tactics from playing the J29F J32B J35D doesn’t work please help me.

Its the opposite for me here in the EST (-4/5 UTC). I have better games in the local AM. But usually get stomped the later into the day or evening. Doesn’t seem to matter which server I use and there’s no “demographic” pattern to it.

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Play on the USA server its easier.

Much of the reason somebody does good or bad is down to mood though.

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im located in sweden the ping will be horrible

Im in the UK and it makes no difference.
I have no idea why its easier to play on the USA server but it seems to be.

Maybe its the weed ,I dont know lol

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Okey ill give it a try and come back

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Wow wtf, why are all the try hards in europe

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Probably a lot of competitive players on UE servers,… Remember we have a lot of Asian players recently relocated due the shut down of Chinese servers

Any good ?

Yea lots, most opponents feel braindead. driving across open fields not reacting to getting shot etc,
Is america just bots

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Play a bit longer and tell me its not just me imagining it :)

Well most players that kill me have european/russian names

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The USA is either suffering from severe communications issues or it’s off its tits on Weed and Prescription Meds lol, either way enjoy the new found fun :)

let me try to comprehend this

  • You get on WT
  • You eat shit
  • You wait until evening, and then you do well in WT

Do you have to eat shit and digest it until evening to git gud at WT?


Does internet traffic get prioritised in the day time, causing high latencies for you?

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Could be you personally, could be your time zone, servers you play on etc. Your evening might be more populated for your servers a king your nation more popular or another worse nation more so effecting what and how many you see of certain vehicles as well as better battle rating for your battles.

Eat shit is a expression for loosing or dying repeatedly without killing anybody

Did you do any better on the USA server ?

Yep mostly

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Its an interesting phenomenon, I can joke about the weed issue but I really have no idea why it should be.

I’ve actually started putting my results into a spreadsheet so I can better understand the correlation between performance and time of day, among other factors. Data nerd’s gotta nerd.

It is pretty clear, subjectively, that network latency is the single biggest factor affecting performance and I see this all the time in the form of missed shots when it’s high. Or getting flown into the ground. This is part of the reason I play Arcade - I have to spray and pray so often Air RB would be pointless. And before you say it… no, actually my aim is decent-ish when latency is low and consistent.