Please consider adding Light Cruiser Avrora to War Thunder

Avrora is my favorite light cruiser, if not my favorite ship of all time, and considering her big historical significance, I think it would make a lot of sense to have her in game. Developers, please consider this.


I too wish to see the Pallada class Protected cruisers an we could see some at a few BR’s, An as built at 4.3 while a 1917 refit at 4.7, The Aurora would probably come as a event or premium imo.

Speaking of Those old protected cruisers I would wish they’d added quite a few of them between 3.3 & 5.0, My wishes for these types include the Imperial Russian cruiser Zhemchug Izumrud class, Australian cruiser HMAS Pioneer Pelorus class cruiser or the US USS Olympia.

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They are dog meat in game.


I’d definitely like to see her added, a neat and very notable historical ship.

Well, as an f2p player, I would much more like Aurora to be, either an event or tech tree ship, since I really want to have her if she comes. But other than that I fully agree with your reply. Thanks!

Yes, she’s a very beautiful ship of notable historical significance

View from the front gun on Aurora



Well the weather was nice that day - it was early Autumn, and there wasn’t a war yet!

As a museum ship it is not well presented IMO - the top deck is open to the public, but the displays below deck are fairly minimal, with little non-Russian commentary.

As a warship IMO it has little to recommend it other than the myth of the first shot (it fired blank as a signal - not as an attack!) and being old - it is not an outstanding design of any type.

You can see reviews of it as a destination here: