Please change BR or buff the Ariete

The Ariete is at BR 9.3 (Air RB) and faces planes with missles and afterburners nearly every game. Without any countermeasures it is an easy target for these missles. Sure you could try and dodge these missles but when you face A10 with AIM-9L or MiG 21 with R60 then even your mobility is useless.

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The real change is to MOVE UP planes that shouldn’t be at these BR,… and not to move down things.

You’re solution compresses the game further.
My solution is not.


I once won a 1v5 that lasted around 4 minutes in ariete,it was a downtier and all the enemies in the 1v5 were Mig-17s and Mig-15s , the plane is god tier at downtiers , so bringing it down will cause issues , we just need decompression

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Yeah this thing is a menace on full downtiers. Only problem is it can face p2w all aspect slingers

Calm down mate. I just made a simple suggestion by stating “change BR”. i didn’t say “please lower it to 5.7”

But yes decrompression would help.

The way your openning post is built:

→ Taking an aircraft that you played lately
→ starting to complain against aircrafts having features that you don’t have
→ then make it unattractive by speaking of aircrafts that are +0.7/+1.0 BR above you, and that are commonly seen as good or too good for their BR
→ ending post by saying you just can’t do anything to even save yourself

Basically, what you were making is:
“Top tier aircraft that i see with my planes are untouchables”

Accompagnied by the Title:
“Please change BR or buff the Ariete”
Decomposed, it means you either want:
→ buffing Ariete
→ changing BR of Ariete

The last is then forbidding to change the BR of higher BR aircrafts.

The general feedback given by both title and openning post, leads to compress the Ariete against lower BR aircrafts, which themselves can’t do anything against Ariete.

Next time you do a feedback, make it in order that it doesn’t give me the impression that you want that aircraft to be lowered explicitly.

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Alright thank you for that info. Noted and i will try to use it next time.