Please: Buff standard caliber Countermeasures back. They're USELESS

Standard countermeasures really rendered non-russian aircraft completely vulnerable to every IR missile in game above 11.0, even the lesser ones like aim9g and magic 1s. Cutting burner and turning away workn’t anymore, the missiles literally don’t see flares anymore.

This is objectively false. Standard caliber countermeasures still work fine, especially against the AIM-9G and Magic 1. You need to turn when you use them. If you cut the burner, pop flares, and keep going straight, it will still go straight and kill you in the end. You need to turn when you drop flares.


Skill issue


they do not.


Stop spewing BS.

The only countermeasures that has been changed recently are the BOL IR and BOL Chaff.


The countermeasures are definetly working as expected. They aren’t always going to save you even from older IR missiles. Wether you can flare off a missile or not has a lot to do with how fast you react, engagement parameters like distance, aspect, how fast you get off the burner, etc.
Best bet you have is to preflare in a situation where you would not be able to otherwise flare off the missile if they shot at you.


Nah, you just gotta maneuver too, sounds like skill issue, but I play Sweden with little to no CM’s, been dealing with this since the J32B.

Edit: reminds me of the “But precious tiger 1/A-10 is indestructible 😭” people.


Yes, currently the most DOGSHI CM’s

Nothings changed with standard countermeasures in a long time.

They work extremely well when you use them correctly.

then explain how come something as flare hungry as an aim9j consistently ignores a massive flare dump from 2km away

the snail removed my post where I showed how an f4e 's aim9j ignored my whole trail of flares while I was turning… burner off.

they did change them, or else all missiles got buffed. I’m getting constantly killed by non IRCCM missiles while im flaring below 100 percent throttle and turning.

Gaijins dogshi RNG got you there, happens sometimes, even to the best of us.

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It was removed because of the language you choose to use.

Regarding the you flaring the missile and turning. The missile was turning inside of you, so all the flares you dropped were dropped outside the missile seeker FOV.

You did this;


Notice the flares are all out of the LOS of the missile if you rolled and broke the other direction the missile would’ve seen the flares and likely been decoyed.

Also once a missile is close enough the engine fills the whole of the FOV of the seeker so flaring will not help in that scenario.


Non-ircm missiles can still have flare resistance, always have.