Playstation E-mail bind

Fellow Players !

First, i have to sorry because of my english !

So i bought a Playstation 5 and i want to play on that in the future . As far as i know i can not continue my progress what i earned on PC . It is valid ?

The second and more important question for me, how can i bind my e-mail adress to my PS ?
I followed every steps , go ingame etc… When i try to bind the e-mail adress its says this e-mail adress is in use… Of course it is in use . Because i registered with that on PC and i also use the same e-mail adress on my PSN account to.

So what can i do ?

Thank you !

nope… while you can play a PSN account on a PC it does not work the other way around.

since your main email is used on your PC account you need another email… however binding an email to your account will only allow to play this (new) PSN account on a PC (which will only become interesting once this new account has progressed further than your original PC i’d say)