Playing War Thunder on a Mac

Does anyone Play War Thunder on a Mac? If so what Mac Operating System do you use. Also does the game Work? (without Crashing or being glitchy?)

I’m using Sonoma on a Macbook Pro, and it works reasonably well for me. I suspect the issues I run into stem mostly from the fact that I’m gaming on a laptop rather than being caused by the OS itself. Visual glitches happen if I keep WT running continuously for too long (over half a day), which can be fixed by restarting the game. I get a crash about once a month but never actually in the middle of a game, usually when I’m logging in or when I switch windows, so it doesn’t bother me too much. The main issue is overheating, but again that’s due to me running a desktop game on a laptop. I think the only direct drawback of using macOS is that you can’t use the CDK and the dev server because those are only released in exe format, unless you use some additional software like Wine.

Hello TomLiu126,

Thank you for your response.

I have a Mac, but find the game only works (without Crashing) on big Sur. But the game is glitchy a couple times every game.

When i play the game on any newer operating system (Venture or Sonoma) the game is always Crashing. The game will just crash randomly on a daily basis.

Is War Thunder designed to be played on a desktop instead of a laptop?

Also what is “CDK”, “the dev server”, “exe format” and “Wine”?

So will “Wine” prevent the game from being glitchy?

It’s hard to diagnose system problems over the internet, but as a first step you should check if you device meets the minimum system requirements. Afterwards you should submit a support request to Gaijin.

I don’t think so. As long as the minimum system requirements are met, there should be no difference between desktops and laptops. The main advantage of using a desktop is usually better hardware and cooling, but there are specialised laptops that do just as well (unfortunately, my Macbook is a fairly general purpose machine, so it’s bound to suffer somewhat when running games).

The CDK (short for Content Developer Kit) is a piece of software that allows you to create custom missions, maps, models, and skins for War Thunder. The Dev Server is a special server that occasionally opens to players for testing new vehicles and game mechanics. It needs a special launcher to enter; see this post. EXE format is the format in which software apps are written for Windows systems. Software written in this format can’t be directly run on Macs. Wine is a piece of software that allows such apps that were only written for Windows to run on other systems like Mac and Linux.

Probably not. You presumably downloaded the War Thunder launcher for Mac, which you don’t need Wine to run. If you try to download the launcher for Windows and run it through Wine, that probably will only make things even worse due to bugs and inherent flaws of Wine.

Thank you for all that information.

You are very helpful.

Yes my Mac meets the minimum system requirements. Actually when i purchased my laptop, i customized my mac and maxed out all the specs. So even with the best hardware from my part, i still experienced all the problems with War Thunder (Game Crashes and being glitchy).

I have also submit a support request to Gaijin many times. They respond by saying the only deal with customer service problems, not technical issues. They suggest i submit a report Community Bug Reporting System. Which i have done a number of times. The problem is that go silent and don’t respond. Despite providing plenty of evidence such as screen shots, screen recordings and bug reports, they just ignore and pretend not to acknowledege the problems.

So the Game Crashes and glitches are not issues on my end, the are problems associated with War Thunder itself. I have never experienced the problems i face with War Thunder, with any other game.