Player size per air battle reduction?

I am not sure whether this is the right channel, but it is something that I think I have heard lots of complains about.

The Player count in air battles. I hope it is considered to lower the player count for air battles as especially with the SU-27 having access to 6 high power SARH missiles I fear that air battles will become a complete mess with more than 50 SARHs flying across the map at the same time. Is there any consideration of potentially lowering the player count for top tier? I think this is something that has been killing the fun for others and it limits the full potential of these aircraft.


I’m okay with the player count, if we get air RB EC mode back… We’re at a stage now where it’s more of a need than a want…


if this is how top air will be the Su-27 might not be as OP as it seems, hope they keep it for 11.0 and up

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actually if they do keep it would also let them add back semi historical matchups and have good queue times

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I think even then it would be a bit overblown, because the problem is not necessarily with map size, but just the unrealistic amount of aircraft going up against each other. Map size won’t really solve the issue IMO, because its still going to be 50+ OP missiles flying across the map with basically no counter. Not to mention that it makes radar usage for spotting partially redundant and also limits skill expression.

Right now top tier air RB is all about flying low and straight, flinging missiles and hoping that people don’t see them. The moment you try and enter a dogfight you get swarmed.

I almost never see any BVR engagements, because as soon as you decide to go above 3000m you get 13+ radar locks at the same time.

I think if they lowered it to 8v8 for example, it would allow for more skill expression and would allow for these aircraft to unfold their full potential.

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agreed 16v16 is a mistake that should have been kept to AB, if we get 8v8 or 6v6 for top air rb it would make a lot of non meta planes actually usable


Another big benefit in addition to that is also just the learning curve. How are people supposed to learn their favourite aircraft if they never can for example enter a dogfight to test its limits? 8v8 also allows for less skilled players to not be completely useless. They can still take a support role and still be effective that way and learn in the meantime, rather than flying straight and hoping that people don’t pay attention.

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So one thing to keep in mind, when I’m talking about bigger maps, I’m generally talking about ARB EC mode. Much larger maps(Sim mode) with different spawn areas and different objectives. This would allow the field to be played more spread out and we’d see more BVR instead of furballs. If they do bigger maps with 3 bases all within five miles of each other and only one airfield spawn… Yeah, same issue. I’d love to see ARB EC mode, with also maybe the removal of player tags to really make you use your radar, but that’s just me. Just bigger maps with multiple spawns and objectives would also be great.

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That is honestly something I have been thinking about as well. But that is also more complex to set up properly. I think they could just start off with reducing the player count in the current setting and see where it goes. And from there on adjust/add more game modes IMO.

I think we can generally agree on the fact that 16v16 is too chaotic in its current iteration. Sure if there were multiple spawn points and engagements more spread out, it would partially solve the issue. But then it would also cause some big downtimes in between fights. More realistic? Yes. But more fun? I personally don’t think so.

Removal of player tags entirely would be too extreme in my opinion. But they can definitely reduce the spotting range instead. It would still promote more radar use for scouting.

You think it’d be complex to switch the sim map style to RB mode? I feel it’d be pretty easy but I’m not sure

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No, I mean in the sense. It would be easier to simply start off with reducing player counts in the current modes,. Like the standard air battles you know? And from there on out improve upon with for example your idea on creating more airfields/spawns, etc.

Its just that right now, the easiest solution to the 16v16 chaos is a numbers reduction to make it more enjoyable.

Smaller battles while working on ARB EC? I’d be down for that too!

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