Player/replay search

Anyone have any idea why a player will not appear on a server replay when searching for their matches?

If it’s a console user you’ve got to use @live or @psn, or if the replay is dated, then they haven’t played for a couple of weeks from the last update.

I usually search for one person, and it’s usually the person that is complaining in chat, click their name, ctrl-c, and then go into the search and paste it directly in.

The search function within the replay window is somehow bugged, more than often it refuses to work. My workaround is to open the server replay site with the link of a previous battle, reject your own replay and c+p the gamertag into the “Find” screen.

And the fellow player above is correct, usually you can’t watch replays after 10-14 days.

thing is, the guy has not been in my matches :(

That doesn’t matter.

You can watch replays from any player you want.

Replay link of your last match…

yeah but i just cannot find ANY of his replays which is weird.
Cannot even find his name on the player search.
will have to do more investigating i guess.

If you remember his name - or just parts of it - try the “thunderskill workaround”.

You can often find players there which you can’t find via player search…

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