Play Hint ONLY for units in an area?

Is it possible to code a trigger so that hints and/or text ONLY plays for units when they are in an area? Units outside the area should NOT be able to see it.

Yes, you can use the target option which is at the bottom, but you also need to use target_type set to isMarked (and then unitMark action) and then just assign the number to units that are in that specific area.
Could also be the object_var_name, object_var_comp_op, object_var_value options (you set that stuff through the unitSetVar action), I don’t remember, but it did work in my mission: WT Live // Mission by RideR2 (I don’t know if the mission still works)

I had to add a separate trigger with playHint for every area.

@RideR2 Figured it out, publishing here for everyone:


make a separate trigger that will mark units in area, then tag everything in your playhint as “ismarked” and add a separate condition for “status” and "is marked:.

on that note though, while I have your attention- how do I assign a custom name to a unit that comes up when selected?

What do you mean?
You can add a text above the unit’s name by using the addTextToUnit (add your name to langID) action and there’s the uniqueName thingy in the object properties tab, but I’m not sure if it works in multiplayer missions and even then it will work for the AI units only.