Plans for Depth Charges ? - Submarines and Naval Bombing

I was viewing a historical video about the different types of depth charges used in World War 2 and wondered if War Thunder had any plans to include depth charges launched from aircraft ?

one interesting point was the different fuse types described - making the depth charges less explosive if hit before being launched and different fuse delays for intended depth. radar buoys where also briefly mentioned that allowed early aircraft to detect submarines

The Hudson, Sunderland and Shackleton in particular seem to be vehicles whose role was to detect and hunt submarines do you think the radar mechanics and bombs to do so will be added ?

if interested ( and allowed ) the video I viewed was :

TLDR - will depth charges with a fuse delay for depth be added to anti submarine bombers and will those bombers be given their radars to hunt subs ?

I mean when subs appear the game Im certain we will see more antisub weaponry and maybe some new planes

People already use depth charges to destroy enemy ships. Have you heard of the Japanese coastal fleet? We do this for pure excitement and to insult our opponents.

Soviet Pr 123’s are great for hunting reserve and 3.3 DD’s with depth charges :)