Planned technical works - 25th July

Dear players!

At 05:00 GMT on the 25th of July, game servers will not be available as we will be implementing planned infrastructure updates. Estimated maintenance time ~2 hours.

Thank you for your understanding!


What exactly does “planned infrastructure updates” mean?

“improvements” to the servers.

Probably getting ready for the Summer event that’s a couple weeks away

Will you give me back my 2 hours wasted out of 9, because of this that I have left on premium account? or you can gift me free premium for 30 days and 2 tier 4 premium vehicles for US ground forces

wasted 2 hours of premium account->$0.03
30 days premium account->$10.25
4 US premium ground vehicles pack(inexpensive first)-> at least $120
2 hours of premium=$10.25=$120??? lol

So is this a backend update for a future patch, or what was that infrastructure about? Since when was it planned and did we know what was planned?

Maintenance is over.