Planned Battle Rating changes for the month of October

they are op

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4.3 AA is in the awkward spot of being used up t 7.7, so thats no difference to before. And those AAs are too strong for 4.0. You can’t down BR a tank just because it struggles in a higher BR lineup

Their amount of guided bombs and orbital strike capability makes them easily 11.0. Sure in Air Battles they don’t belong at 11.0… so we need seperate plane BRs for Ground Battles already


let me disagree…if the players did not quit after 1 tank … and you left alone… those airplanes will be toast.
if there are op… is that you have bad teams… that you believe that are op… those 2 are not… especially the A-6 that is heavy slow… and the only advantage is that can hover high…
the su 25/39 are more dangerous and more op… cause they have unguided missiles that hit you like 2 trucks… + russia has the Ka50 and Ka52 the most over powered helis on the game.

Dont see any sense of increasing BR of 11.0 Helis with Hellfires, if you are not increasing BR of soviet Helis. With new fog effect at which You are not able to lock a target Its very hard to hit a moving target from any range, doesn’t matter its 3 or 7 km.

Ah, my apologies. Yes, I was actually being serious. One of the reasons why I started commenting on the forums was that I felt like I’ve picked up the “low hanging fruit” and I’m finding it difficult to take the next step, if that makes sense, and I thought this might be a good place to find better players to ask questions to. This game is surprisingly devoid of documentation and advanced guides, and even looking up information about, say, which players do best with which vehicle is basically impossible. That’s why I opened this thread a while back, for example.

This part, I get. For example, I’ll play Advance To The Rhine more or less the same way at more or less any BR. But there are other circumstances where I feel like there are specific nuances - which pieces of cover you actually can and can’t use, or the judgement calls like when to move, or when to sit still. Based on my interactions with friends who are better at this game and regularly drop nukes with their Tiger IIs, I would tentatively say I’m not aggressive enough with them, but usually when I do try to play them more aggressively it doesn’t end well. They’re far less nimble than a Tiger I, for example (to go with a tank that I usually know how and where to push/flank with).

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll give it a look. I also like Herrman The German’s videos, he’s very good with German WW2 tanks. Those definitely taught me a lot about situational awareness and keeping your eyes on a swivel at all times.

F4C at 10.0 an su25bm with r73 going to 11.0 yes no problem whatsoever


AIM-9L shouldnt face 9.0+ Aircrafts & CAS is too op in Ground RB.

A-6E TRAM & A-10 need go to 11.0!


Is good to see how finally the KV-1 zis 5 and KV-85 are moved up.

Now some suggestions for RB “ONLY”.

Ratel 20 (6.7 to 7.3)- Basically the weapon selection as Marder but in 6.7??? mouse guide Milan plus 20mm vs 5.7 tanks… cmon.

M51 (6.0 to 6-7) - 400 mm HEAT against KVs, Jumbos, etc etc is excellent sniper tank can defeat frontally T-54s , all tanks armed with his same cannon was moved up in the last BR update now is his time.

T25 (6.3 to 6.0) - Since his lost the stabilizer is not more a 6.3 material.

.Some other changes.

Tiger 1H/Animal Tiger and Japanese Tiger. -Add extrarmor module and remove the completely useless S-mines launchers prevent von van angled the tank and block your main gun, this nerf is not nededed anymore now they goes to 5.7.

M26 and Italian M26 “Ariete” - Add more powerfull rond M82, they need it in 6.7 for sure.

Jagdtiger - Increase his reload speed, is ridiculous how with 2 loaders and big spce casamate need higher reload speed than some russian tanks with a similar weight shells but in small cand cramped space and with only 1 loader.

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almost good but:
M42 contraereo: either you keep it at 3.3 or you add back the other crew member you removed a while back when you downtiered it and you put it 3.7
Vrcc, centauro and the T129 should remain at the actual br, an uptier would be bad as they already struggle at their battlerating


Thats “the most trolliest opinion of the year” for sure…

Yeah, I believe the Leo was balanced at 7.3 relative to other vehicles 7.0-7.7. It ought to be 7.7 now, with a significant disadvantage over every other 8.0 and overrated mobility. With situational awareness the mobility of the enemy matters far less, and unless you plan to spawn camp, your mobility matters little so long as you can get to battle around the same time as your allies.

War Thunder never has been intended to be the “brain turn off point and click” heavy meta that wehraboos want. If you want invincible heavy tanks, go play WoT. When a heavy vehicle has firepower equivalent to a lighter, less armoured vehicle but superior armour, it deserves to be at a higher BR. The Jagdtiger is extremely well protected and holds its own against most 7.7 guns, which either have lower pen than the PaK 44 or horrific spalling. And with a bit of patience its 18 seconds reload is not a significant disadvantage. Just pull back into cover for a couple seconds between shots.

Maybe the heavy vehicles are just not for you and do not match your playstyle, but that does not mean that they are extremely powerful for the BR.

While it’d be nice to see decompression further, early MBTs CANNOT go any higher up in BR without everything else decompressing as well. The previous BR decompression really fucked over 7.7-8.7 far more than it helped decompress the relatively uncompressed 6.7 BR.
Unfortunately, it is impractical to expect a huge, perfect decompression change in the short term. Decompression will come in stages, and 5.7-6.7 needs decompressed far more urgently than 6.7-7.7 needs to maintain its decompression.

Both the T1E1 and M6A1 use cast armor on the front of the hull and the turret. It’s just that the M6A1 then uses welded armor for the rest of the hull, while the T1E1 continues to use cast armor.

That said, the armor really isn’t that much different between the two.

Too strong vs what?
If you mean planes then no, it has very low firerate, if I want to shoot down planes, I have higher chance with .50 cal on any sherman.
The only thing thats making them usefull is ability to pen tanks from side.

Also, 4.3 AA is in no way better than 4.0 AA except for max speed and its not like they are borderline OP, nobody would come here complaining if it would get lower by 0.3 BR.

so that is the problem… the aim 9L…
those airplanes are ok. soviet airplanes are the major power … at those brs… and i think you do a mistake here… cause the A10 late is at 10.3 and the A6 are on 10.0… not 9+ so… all the airplanes have flair and chaff’s … i still dont see your point here…
the russia anti air in the game at those brs are over powered… and can take out airplanes very easy … like the strela … there is nothing better than that… or the 2S6…
i told you that the problem is in the teams you are… not the vehicles that are not so op as you believe .

I need to address this as its very important:

T-129 should never go up in br past 10.0, even 10.0 is honestly pushing it, unless you give it another atgm like agm-114B or the fire and forget UMTAS (11.7 then)

L-UMTAS have a range of 8km which is fine but I can with a strait face say you will never get a kill that far off as the speed of the missile is an abysmal 180 m/s. To put it into perspective it takes 52 second for the missile to reach 8km at best conditions.

Please rethink this and remember you’re moving the A129CBT to 10.3 as well when it does have hellfires

in ground … yes there are… and came in flocks… that can take out the 80% of the remaining teams. and you stay alone in the match… and you have to face them and you try but they came like hawks … over you and eat you… those planes are more dangerous in comparison with the A6 and A10… and especially in ground… what can stop a truck that forget to pick the damage … and the same time the A10 took everything in one shot.

Pt-76b at least 6.0 its stupid at 5.3. Can pen everything is fast and small i would rather see him more than 6.0

This is the worst decision since the great economy scandal of 2023. if you go through with it it effectively makes the US tech tree useless. For example, why is the M-18 at 5.7? The super hellcat is at a correct BR with its 90mm but the stock is way over classed. It should be that the M-18 is 4.7, the M-36 at 5.3(as it lacks the HEAT round) and the M-36B at 5.7.

raising the Pershings to 6.7 makes them as useless as a screen door on a submarine. The super Pershing is another egregious example. There is no way the reload should be almost 15 seconds when other vehicles with the same gun is sub 10 second reload. IMO the M-36B is a more effective vehicle than it. Moving up the Shermans is the same issue. You are over classing as the 75mm has one of the lowest pen in the br at only 103mm when Russian and German guns are surpassing 150mm.(Hypershot is 149 but its effectively broken due to volumetrics. I can’t tell how many times I’ve shot a Tiger at a perfect 90 degree shot and the round ricochets). HEAT is also broken as it also ricochets when it shouldn’t


We are back to the same situation where Germany 6.0-6.7 was heavily compressed, going up against HEAT-FS slingers and post-war tanks that outclassed them in terms of firepower and mobility. The BR was decompressed so that this wouldn’t happen, yet Gaijin proves once again that they are completely unwilling to increase the BR to 13.0 for ground.

Seriously, Tiger E is going up against an IS-3? Come on.

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