Planes Israel needs


Through valid links I have found that the mig 29 was rented by Israel and used for a month that being so was the mig 23 it defected and was used by the iaf, and the f15 more planes should be added to Israel


Isreal doesnt need these planes at all

I just know that currently Isreal lack early fighter aircraft 12.0 with medium-range SARH BVR

thats why Isreal is pretty strong in terms of WVR combat + they’ll eventually get BVR stuff too (maybe with the december update)

did you just request Israel to get the F-15EX…

I can’t believe I have to say this, You are not getting a fighter jet the United States hasn’t even put into mass production yet…

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I could maybe see the MiG-23MS as a random premium, but the F-15A should come to the game sooner or later and that’ll solve the no BVR problem whenever it happens

that f15 he requested wasnt the A xD

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“mig29m” for israeli airforce would be cool to have, they did have a mig29m for a while.

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Isreal needs planes at the low BR range not high. No CAS for 6.0 only a 3.3 me109