Planes do not show their full name


Planes do not show their full name for me from up close. Screenshot below. Additionaly I can’t see other players titles. I’m not sure when this issue started, but few days ago for sure. All settings are correctly set. I’ve deleted my cache, checked the file integrity and reinstalled. Nothing did help.


In the Options | Main Parameters | Player Markers, check these settings:

(Note, I have titles turned off but it’s usually on by default)


I think the Vehicle option turns it off completely, not just shows the basic name, so it may not be related to these settings – but worth while checking them out.

All settings are correctly set. I’ve even tried changing it mid battle but this issue still persists. I found a thread on reddit with a same problem but unfortunately there is no solution.

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So no fix here? Apparently I also have some weird radar glitches as well in first person. Maybe this is related.

fwiw, I’m getting this too now – at least, the full plane name not showing even when really close.

Not sure on the radar thing as I don’t play that high.