Planes Disappear

Planes Disappear from both screen and the map. This makes it impossible to fight other planes.

Defence; You cannot defend yourself against planes you cannot see. Planes will just appear literally from thin air, literally a second before they Shoot you down.

Offence; You cannot Track the enemy you are trying to gun down, how do you kill a plane you
cannot see? When tracking an enemy, their plane will literally disappear into thin air, meaning you
cannot shoot their plane. Then the plane will reappear miles away from your location.

When Planes are visible, when you press the track button, it will highlight the plane you are tracking. However, when planes disappear and you now press the track button, the plane you were tracking will not appear. The tracking button will not work again and show the plane you are tracking, until the plane reappears onscreen and on the map.

This is not fair and not a level playing field. For instance. when 2 players have a dog fight, when player A can see player B, but player B cannot see player A. Player A will have an unfair advantage over player B.

The planes disappearing issue is a problem that exists on both arcade and realistic battles.

Why does this problem exist?

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Any video?
Link to server replay?

Aircraft do not disappear.

I presume you’re talking about enemy markers. I’ve never seen a plane visually disappear even when it’s marker isn’t showing. If the enemy isn’t in front of you, the distance at which markers appear is governed by the “Awareness” skill, which is only 760 metres even when maxed out. Of course sometimes the markers do show at longer distances, but that’s because teammates are looking at the enemy for you. Stick to teammates, maintain situational awareness, and don’t trust markers.

I’ve had similar experiences in ground arcade when aiming at enemy planes (usually with SPAA). The planes don’t disappear but the MARKERS do. This takes the aiming reticle out, but eventually the marker reappears and so does the aiming reticle. Of course, the plane has moved x-amount of distance and that’s time wasted to take it out before it bombs something.


I have plenty of evidence highlighting this problem. I have lots of screen recordings.

However when i tried to upload them, the website/forum will not allow me to.

How can i show you my screen recordings?

I also tried to report the issue

But once again the war thunder website did not allow me to upload my screen recordings showing planes disappearing directly in front of you and reappearing later on.

So also on “report an issue”, how do i show you my screen recordings highlighting the planes disappearing?

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I’ve literally been less than a few hundred meters straight behind enemy fighters and had them disappear from the screen. Then re-appear only when they trigger their guns. Complained about it several times but it still happens.

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All I have ever noticed is markers coming on and off depending on where my team mates are.

Are people forgetting about a lot of the markers a long way off will disapear if they go out of the range of your team mates?

Just as an example, but there can be many reasons for enemy coming in range and going out… But, If you have a team mate dog fighting just in and out of his range of a far off aircraft, that aircraft marker will come on and disapear as your team mate goes in range, and then out of range, goes in range, and then out of range, as he circles in his dog fight.

Oh yeah… don’t forget clouds. I have had enemies swoop in on me out the clouds where I had no idea they were there, because they didn’t appear in the map until they exited the cloud.

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JimboH4H Nope everything you have said is wrong.

All you have done is describe the mechanisms of the game and the things that happen in the game.

For instance when it is cloudy, yes you can not see planes, but the disappearing plane issues exists when there are no clouds and visibility is perfect.

The problem i have described is real and happens all the time.

Planes disappear in front of your very eyes and reappear minutes later nowhere near the location they disappeared from. Not only do planes disappear from screen, they also disappear from the map, and on top of all that whilst planes have disappear you can no longer track them until they re-appear. The game is broken. It;s so frustrating because it makes the game unfair and not a level playing field.

Can Stona_WT kindly tell me how/where to send my many screen recordings highlighting the problem as it happens.

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Jump here, search for battle when it happened and link it here with info what should we check.

Mmm… I’m not saying your wrong, just trying to throw out suggestions that could possibly explain the problem instead of going straight for the jugular and blaming the coders. It’s using a process of elimination. Everyone that has a mind to problem solve, will go through a process of elimination to track down the underlying cause of the problem, starting with the easiest and simplist ideas. Sometimes people are too quick to pull the trigger.

Apart from the game might be broken, the only other thing I can think of is when i have occasionally seen players micro jump 2 or 3 times before I shoot them down. I might see it a few times a day, but it never occured to me the game might be broke with tracking the enemy. I just always put it down to people joining the EU server from NA or CIS and have a ping too high to play smoothly. Until they put a lower enough maximum ping for joining servers, I expect to carry on seeing it.

I have only noticed the things I have mentioned, so using Logic, if it WAS the actual GAME that was broke, seeing everyone is playing the same game code on their respective platforms, Logic dictates that everyone on that particular platform, PC, XBOX, PS, thousands and thousands of players would ALL have the same problem, hence the forums would be totally inundated with topics of a broken game, but, the vast majority of players are not. Players would be more worried about the broken game than what’s coming up next season, or saying their favourite tank needs buffing, or we should get more decals.

To find a possible fix for an on-line problem, people actually need to have some technical information. Is it literally EVERY GAME you play? Every other game? Once an hour? What platform do you play on? Do you play on servers literally 1,000’s of miles from your own home coutry? Is your ISP giving you the bandwidth needed, or what they claimed to be giving you? Are you down the phone line or by proper underground fibre optics? Are you maxing out your VRAM? Is your GPU and CPU up to scratch? No one knows any of this information but you.

If you go back to the top and read your original posting, all you wrote about was ranting over a broken game with no information or clues what so ever. If you don’t give people relevent information to even attempt to help you and fix the problem, what are they to do if not throw out suggestions or ideas?

Hi Stona_WT,

I just checked that link, but it is impossible for me to know which games the problem occurs.

Thats why i have screen recordings of the issue happening.

Is there not a place i can upload my screen recording so you can see problem occuring?

If it is not possible to upload to the War Thunder Platform, how about an email?

When you have the problem you can copy the link to the replay and post it here in the thread.

Like this Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

You can also upload screen shots to the forum

But linking the replay is always going to be the best thing to do with issues like this.

Hi JimboH4H,

I can assure you i am not too quick to pull the trigger. I have used logic and the process of elimination to rule out factors that are not the cause of the problem. For instance the example of the clouds we discussed earlier. When it is cloudy you can not see planes because of the clouds, but when you witness planes disappearing directly in front of you literally a few metres away in clear weather conditions, then you know there is a problem.

I went into greater detail describing the disappearing plane problem when i reported the issue below,

However the problem is that, without being able to upload the accompanying screenshots on the War Thunder Website, the description of the problem seems vague. But if i am able to upload my many screen recordings showing the problem as it happens, it will make it much easier for you to witness the problem yourself, so you can understand the things i am saying.

To be honest i don’t think, the majority of players would have noticed the problem, even though it does exist all the time. I Just have great attention to detail.

i did not want to report the problem before gathering the evidence highlighting the issue, because i did not want the description of the issue to be vague like my initial post. But i did not know that the War Thunder Forum would not let me upload screen recording.

It took me a long time acquiring my screen recordings so that i could prove/show the disappearing planes, so that there was no doubt that the problem exists.

The disappearing plane issue does not exist in every game, but it does in most. The difficulty in documenting the issue is that the length of time the planes disappearing varies. Sometimes it is short, a few seconds, which is hard to notice and less of an issue when playing (if a planes disappears, but reappears a few seconds later it will not affect your game that much). But other times its a lot longer like minutes (which has a major impact on your game, for instance if you are about to shoot down a plane, but then it disappears and a few minutes later it appears at the opposite end of the screen, that is super annoying and frustrating because you can not kill planes you can not see.

So i wanted to make sure i documented the later so its obvious and beyond all reasonable doubt that planes disappear.

Also my screen recording highlight the problem occurring in greater detail as they show planes disappearing both on screen and the map including time stamps so you can see exactly the point planes disappear.

I now just need to be able to upload my screen recordings, so the fact War Thunder will not allow me to upload my screen recordings showing planes disappearing is a problem.

i can upload screen shots, but not screen recordings

You don’t have to upload recordings - post the replay URL, and screenshots will show what time in the game it is and people can look at everything that is going on.

As others have said above, the best way is for giving coding staff the replay URL/code. When your game has finished, go to the replay and it will give you the replay code. With that, the coders can monitor the code as the replay runs and see if there are any descrepencies or clashes within the code, etc.

The only way to easily show your screen recordings is what I have done over the years of going on gaming forums. Upload your recordings to YouTube, and then you can put the video URL in your forum post so people can still watch it. Just copy and paste the video URL in to your post, which will then appear in your post. I have done the same to get the video below.

You could use either Streamable ( or Youtube ( to upload gameplay footage. Both are quite lenient on file size but Streamable will delete the footage after some time (2-3 months AFAIK).

I made a bug report about this months ago but it got marked as not a bug pretty sure its just a weird spotting mechanic

Hi Josephs_Piano,

I don’t know the replay URL.

I have no idea what replays my screen recording are from.

I Choose to Screen Record the games live as i was playing them over saving replays because screen recordings show more detail and information. For instance i am able to show the planes disappearing on the map as well as the screen. In addition i can show that you can’t track planes whilst they have disappeared, and the tracking function/feature will work again only after the plane has re- appeared,

Hi JimboH4H,

Thank you for all the information you have provided.

It is really useful.

I will try your advice and hopefully it will work.