Pl8 is incorrect

J8F was never used pl 8 it used pl8B, which was a significant update same as the viggen, viggen never used aim9L it used aim 9L(i) which is smokeless and the same irccm like as aim9m, using the pl8b model which dont have the glass seeker head, and to talk about the viggen a bit more the radar is incorrect too because ps46A have 148km of range and hprf there are lot of things that need to be corrected so game will be more balanced and less hard for smaller not main countries like brittain, thanks for reading it much love <3

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Got anything to back up that claim?

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Even hungarians say rb74 we dont using the swedish designation so just aim9ls on gripens are not doing any smoke and having a proper irccm

Asking an AI means exactly zero I’m afriad. I would also avoid using chatgpt and similar services for any kind of research.


People actually think that ChatGPT is accurate, I’m speechless


Ooh the possibilities. I wonder if i could get it to generate a report that said the Spitfire was armed with Aim-9Ls

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You could just tell it that the Spit could, then ask it to elaborate and it will just make shit up. Fun for generating stories or helping with scripting/coding (even then if you don’t have any background knowledge on the subject it will invent commands that don’t exist.)


PL-8s are fine. Im more interested in a radar missile to go along with the PD radar set

Yeah, I think the term I’ve seen most commonly used is that it “lies convincingly”



[Development] J-8F jet fighter and future plans on the BVRAAMs - News - War Thunder.

Im guessing/hoping Fox 3 this Oct update

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Hopefully we get J-10 to go with it.

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Im not sure on that one. Probably too strong. Needed, but needs to be part of a larger update.

I think we need an update that is like:

F-15, Su-27, Typhoon, J-10, Mirage 4000, Gripen.

Those are all relatively equal with the right AAM choices.

I’ve found this about Sweden-AIM-9Li connection but I don’t know more


I think a lot of European nations went with Aim-9L/I over Aim-9M until they had domestic alternatives like IRIS-T and ASRAAM. So I wouldnt be surprised if Sweden operated that. Though I dont think Viggen should or needs any upgrades. Sweden just needs the Gripen and that I think is Aim-9L/I or Aim-9M

Basically this is what i searched for li was never used by USA it was a upgraded import wariant developed by germany which was possibly imported to some tornados

Gripen will not come now for sure but until gripen viiggen, j8 could get a bit of a buff and it will be more fun and more realism

Unfortunately, thats not how it works. It won’t get a buff and then a nerf when that buff is no longer needed.