PIDS+ Pylons

The Belgian F-16AM is receiving PIDS+ MAW/countermeasure pylons, which is a shocker.

With this, logically, shouldn’t the F-16C-50 also receive said pylons? An order was placed for them in 2020 by the USAF. Not to mention the limited 120 flares makes extended combat in the F-16C-50 extremely hard, as you usually are out of flares in 4 uses of flares, with how dodging IRCCM missiles works. If anything, add PIDSU which is basically the same pylon, but without the MAW systems

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Already reported


Ah great, Bowie so nothing will come of it. Lovely. Oh well, was worth a try.

Well, he didn’t specify that it was forwarded as a suggestion, so its ever so slightly more likely that it may be actioned, instead of being completely ignored.


Will definitely not be overpowered, with UFO F-16 flight model, MAW and endless flares.

It’s in the French tree what did you expect?

But i thought this game had Russian bias instead

If such system can be implemented in game, why don’t the existing PAW system installed in Israeli F-16 be implemented in game.