Picking a US SPAA to talisman: LAV AD or XM975

Here is the problem:
I am looking for an SPAA to talisman for tank lineups composed between BR10-11.
LAV AD or XM975 are the two options for all such lineups. I have tried both in test drives but that just doesn’t compare with play experience. Assuming I might be using them first in arcade and later in realistic, is there a best choice? What would I be getting?
Or is the best choice to stick with the well working M247?

(I do own XM1069 successor , so research benefit isn’t a concern)
Thanks for input.

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LAV/AD is more versatile, xm is a better pure SPAA


Depends on your playstyle, the LAV-AD is better for hit and run both in anti air and ground while the Roland is better at point defence, waiting until the enemy is too close and shooting them down with your Roland 3 missiles


LAV AD. Just fun to play.


Why would I do that? I would like to be able to kill planes and choppers. And I would like to get the modules faster and do my research faster. How is that?

I just realized the LAV AD is waaaay faster.

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Speed kills.

Yeah, but the rewards for killing planes are just too bad for wasting GE on talisman.

You do you, it’s your money, but imo it’s not good idea. Out of those 2 - LAV since it can be used to fight tanks as well

Not that we get to use the ability that much but the LAV AD is amphibious. 🦆

Thanks to all, I took the LAV AD.