Pháo Tự Hành 85mm Việt Nam Model 18

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Pháo Tự Hành 85mm Việt Nam Model 18, or PTH85-VN18 is a Self-Propelled Howitzer developed by the Z751 Factory in Vietnam, with it making its first public appearance in 2019. This vehicle was developed using the experiences gained from the previous PTH105-VN15 variant and mounts a D-44 85mm Field Gun onto a variant of the Ural-4320.

The vehicle has an unarmored cabin with the fighting compartment being protected by the 85mm gun shield, as well as armor plating protecting the flanks, the ammunition looks like it is stored in armored bins to both the left and right of the main gun. in between the main gun and cabin is an armored compartment likely containing some of the electronic devices used to aid in targeting such as the radio and FCS. The armor would likely only be capable of stopping 7.62mm at most.

The D-44 85mm gun has 35 degrees of elevation, -7 degrees of gun depression, and 56 degrees of horizontal traverse. Though there is a image of the gun on this vehicle looking further sideways then the aforementioned figures, I’m unsure if that’s because it isn’t properly mounted yet, or what. regardless though it would probably be best to just keep its original traverse figures, due to the side armor not being able to fold downward, meaning in game, getting this vehicle in a proper firing position to engage tanks would require you to both swing the vehicle around, AND wait for the gun to rotate into position, so having no more than 56 degrees of travers would probably be more of an advantage than it may seem.


The gun can fire HVAP-T, HEAT, and HE round, with the HVAP-T being capable of penetrating 180mm of flat steel at 1km, with a muzzle velocity of 1,030m/s, a max range of 1.15 km, HEAT being capable of penetrating 300mm of armor, at 800m/s, and a maximum effective range of 1.5km. The HE-Frag round has a muzzle velocity of 793m/s, a max direct fire range of 1.5km, and a max indirect fire range of 15.65km. the gun can fire 15-25 rounds per minute. for direct fire, the gun uses a OP-2-7 sight, with 5.5x magnification, and 1.5km range adjustment


Why it should be added:
If a Vietnamese Sub-Tree is added to the game, this could be one of a very few options for the tree which is unique to Vietnam as a nation, and could make for a pretty solid tank destroyer with an unusual playstyle due to its rear facing gun.



Crew: ~4-5 (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader(s))
Armament: D-44 85mm
Mass: 14.15 metric tons
Engine: 240 hp
Speed: 82 km/h
Gradient: 50 degrees
Fording: 0.7 m

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