Pháo Tự Hành 105 mm Việt Nam Model 15 M1

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The Pháo Tự Hành 105 mm Việt Nam Model 15, or PTH105-VN15 is a wheeled Self-Propelled Howitzer developed and produced by the General Department of Defense Industry of the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam which mounts a US made M101 howitzer (with some sources stating it is a Vietnamese version of it) onto a license produced Ural-375D 6x6 truck, and is used by the People’s Army of Vietnam, and so far, the units which have been given this vehicle have nothing but high praise for it, particularly in its ability to quickly move and change position far more effectively than towed artillery. There are two variants I know of, that being the M1, and M3, with the M1 coming into service around 2015, and the M3 in 2017. there is some mention of a M2 variant, however if I have seen it I am unsure how to tell it apart from the other two. Regardless, this post is focusing on the M1 variant.

The M101 howitzer is mounted on the rear of the Ural, facing backwards, the original howitzer is capable of 65 degrees of elevation, -5 degrees of gun depression, and 46 degrees of horizontal traverse. I personally do not believe the Vietnamese designed this vehicle to allow more horizontal travers, mainly because all photos I’ve seen of this vehicle always show the gun facing backwards, as well as the truck lacking any hydraulic recoil braces which would accommodate for firing sideways. If that is the case then that means this vehicle will have to fight similarly to the British Archer. The only real armor the PTH105-VN15 has is just a gun shield surrounding the gun itself, beyond that the crew could be easily dispatched with machine gun fire, that combined with its gun position means this would be an easy vehicle to flank if not carful.

Though sources claim it has a crew of 9, most of them operated out side of the vehicle, so in War Thunder, it would probably have somewhere between 4-6 crew members, with ~2-3 crew members in the cabin, and ~2-3 crew members operating the main gun

The rounds which would be most relevant to WT gameplay (that I know of) the M101 could fire is HE, HEAT, and Smoke rounds. the HE round has 2.18 kg of TNT, 472m/s muzzle velocity, and a max range of 11,160 m. HEAT having maximum flat penetration of 183mm, with a muzzle velocity of 381m/s, and a max range of 7,854m.

Why it should be added:
Probably the best time for this vehicle to be added would be if Gaijin decides to introduce a proper Vietnamese Sub-Tech tree, in which case they would lack many unique vehicles to add, in that case this vehicle would help make up the difference, as its a SPH which combines a western armament with an eastern chassis. In game this vehicle could have the potential to be a decent low tier HE slugger, with it being wheeled allowing it to excel in shooting and scooting if in the right firing position.



Mass: Between 8.4-13.2 tons
Engine: 180 hp
Transmission: 5 forward, 2 reverse
Mobility: 75km/h max speed, 21m turn radius.
Armament: M101 Howitzer.
Crew: 4-6 (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader(s))

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