Performance of Romanian 75mm Reșița anti-tank cannon?

I have recently proposed a detailed suggestion to add a Romanian Mareşal chasseur de chars on local Russian forum, however, the voters and me have got a lot of questions on it’s gun performance.

I have used mainly ru-wikipedia and en-wikipedia for my sources, as I couldn’t find other ones where performance would be described.

English wiki states that the gun fired a 6,6kg 75-mm AP shell comparable to the German PzGr.39. What’s the most confusing is the information that it had muzzle velocity of 1 030 m/s, which is too high for a same L/48 gun and even APCR ammo (read Ru-wiki section below) for it.
One of the voters dropped an interesting comparison, which I have yet to prove with proper blueprint or especially a photograph. Here it is, featuring British, German, and most importantly Romanian AP called Costinescu, third from the left.



The question is, how could it reach 1 030 m/s while having smaller charge than German ammo?

Ru-wiki, however, says that Costinescu was an APCR shell. It may explain how it reached the 1 030 m/s, however, we are yet to know the real charge size for that shell. German analogues, L/48 guns, fired comparable shell, PzGr.40, with muzzle velocity of 990 m/s. As visible both in Russian article or in the picture I attached below, it had 495mm, or, better, 561mm long charge. Would it even be able to speed up AP or even APCR up to 1 030 m/s? Higly doubt so.

Would appreciate any knowledge on that topic, or links to old internet forums where it could be explained, or citations from documents and books if you own/share any. Thanks for your interest.

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don’t know much about it, but there is a discussion that says the cartridge chamber is from the Vickers-Resita M1936 AA gun and includes the 1030 m/s as max muzzle velocity for a 4.1kg shell vs 6.6 kg weight for lower velocities.

It mentions that the ammunition combined the Vickers cases with German shells,

thank you. According to this info, we counted that APCR will have around 216 mm of penetration if added to the game, and if Resita cannon also had full-caliber AP ammo, it will have around 162 mm. Basically 15% higher than KwK 40 L/48 ammo