Pereh: The "Fake" Israeli Tank

You have probably already heard of the Pereh… The “Fake Tank” by Israel.

It is a Spike Missile carrier based on the M-48A5 hull and has a completely new turret with 12 Spike Missiles and two FN MAG 7.62 Machineguns. It was developed in the 1980s along with the Spike NLOS Missile but it has only recently (2011) been revealed to the public.

It might look like it has a cannon but it’s non functional, just an illusion

Honestly, I have no clue what engine the Pereh is using but I bet it’s the standard 908 horsepower engine found on other Magachs.
It is also equipped with a ground-to-ground radar which makes it even better at detecting targets in poor visibility conditions.


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I want it

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Not actually fake, just not a tank.


The gun was fake, top hide the real armement to others, but still a tank with option to carry missile Spike.

With Freccia and QN506 in the game, Perez should be nice add in the game for the Isreali tech tree, being a special Magach like the Hydra variant.