Pereh - Just a normal Magach, nothing to see here

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G’day lads! I’m here to introduce the Pereh, a totally normal Magach for the Israeli tech tree in War Thunder!

See? Nothing specia-





Alright, all jokes aside now:

The Pereh, an Israeli tank, is a unique vehicle that serves as a carrier for anti-tank missiles while maintaining the appearance of a conventional tank. It has been a part of the Israel Defense Forces’ artillery arsenal since the 1980s, providing precision strikes. The vehicle’s existence and purpose were only made public in 2014 of photos of it being leaked. Its purpose fully being leaked however was in 2015, this was because of a security breach, which exposed the vehicles existence. Yes, all the time before it, it was completely not known about!

The Pereh is built on the Magach 5 tank’s chassis and features an expanded turret that houses 12 Spike-NLOS missiles. These missiles are stored in a pop-up launcher at the back of the vehicle, which is cleverly disguised as a turret bustle. The launcher can be reloaded through a hatch at the back when it is in the lowered position. The Spike-NLOS missile, known in Israeli service as the Tamuz, can be used in both fire and forget and man-in-the-loop modes. It can be used for direct or indirect fire and can take out targets up to 25km or 32km away.


To maintain its disguise as a regular tank, the Pereh is equipped with a dummy cannon at the front. However, when deployed, it can be identified by a curved antenna mounted at the rear on the turret’s roof, which is raised when in the firing position. The vehicle also features additional frontal armor and storage boxes on the sides of the turret.



The Pereh was developed in the 1980s alongside the Spike-NLOS (or Tamuz) missile, but it wasn’t revealed to the public until 2011. The idea for the Tamuz and the Pereh was born during the Yom Kippur War, when Israel faced the threat of being overrun by Egyptian armor. The Pereh has been involved in all of the Israeli Defense Force’s operations over the past 25 years, including the 2006 Lebanon War and the Gaza War (although that is not fully confirmed!). The Pereh was retired from service in 2017.




12 Spike NLOS/Tamuz

Weight: 71kg with canister

Range: 25km (according to reports and Rafael) or 32km (according to Lockheed Martin)

Warhead: Offers 3 different warheads, like Fragmentation, HEAT, and Penetrating Blast Fragmentation, which is meant for fortified buildings

Penetration: For HEAT its at least around 700mm of penetration, just like ingame spikes

Additional armaments would also be 2 7.62mm MAG machine guns, as they are sometimes spotted on Pereh’s





Mobility and protection:


Because the Pereh is based on the Magach 5, it has quite similar armor and keeps the same mobility, only difference would be the ERA and extra additional armour at the turret. I assume the ERA is your normal BLAZER ERA. Without those, it has the exact same armor as the Magach 5. It’s max speed and horsepower is also the same, staying at 750 hp at 2640 rpm which is achieved with the Continental AVDS-1790-2D diesel engine, which gives it a max speed of 50km/h on roads. The size is a little different however! The hull alone has a 7m length, however with its totally real barrel it is around 9,4m! It keeps the normal width of 3.06m, however its height is a little different, because of it having the ability to retract its launcher, it can have higher and lower height! Its normal height with its launcher inside is around 3m, meanwhile if its outside its around 3.65m!



Israeli “Pereh” tank officially revealed. – Tank and AFV News

Pereh - Wikipedia

צה"ל חשף את הטיל המתקדם "תמוז" - מדיני ביטחוני - הארץ

Pereh |

Thanks a lot for reading! If you can find any extra information about the vehicle, then feel free to put it in the replies! Have a great day!


Although I would love to see it, it absolutely poses some problems.

First being that it would be completely useless on urban maps like sun city, but extremely busted on larger scale maps.

Second being manual control mid flight would be busted…
I think the manual control of the ATGM mid flight should definitely be a first person view from the seeker head of the ATGM, and not 3rd person guidance like in the April fools event we had long ago. Fire and forget as the only guidance option would be quite balanced for it at the moment though. Guess we’ll see.

Extremely interesting “fake” tank, and funny vehicle, and imo definitely belongs in war thunder at some point. Big +1 from me of it finds a balanced place in the game in the future!


Let’s goooo

Israel ingame in desperate need of unique vehicles. +1.

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Would make a great addition to the TD/SPG line in Israel


Would definitely be interesting to see, but does present some balancing issues as previously mentioned, maybe if you do fire it in “manual” mode (first-person in the seeker) you have a set amount of time to locate and lock a target, after which you can either pre-emptively leave the missile to finish the job or the timer runs out and it point/track locks the thing directly in front of the seeker.

Either way, would be nice to see once the game is ready for it, but it does require some thought on Gaijins part with regards to balancing.

I don’t understand this suggestion, the Magach is already in game. Not a bug.

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not sure if this is sarcasm but this particular Magach based vehicle isn’t in game yet.

He’s clearly joking about how the Pereh is disguised to look like a regular Magach.