Penetration performance at 60 degrees Not true

Hello, the penetration values ​​for many shots is not true because if a grante is 285MM, for example, the grantee can not have 165MM at 60 degrees. Should actually be 142MM. The penetration values ​​of many grants do not fit at 60 degrees Because a Shot MK3 APDS that has 381 MM cannot be at 60 degrees, only about 112MM does not work. Because if a bullet had so much penetration at 0 degrees, the penetration value halves at 60 degrees, so if a shot MK3 has 381MM at 0 degrees, it should still have over 190MM at 60 just like other grants, but you always talk at Gaijin Realisums and can’t implement such a simple calculation correctly in the game. It’s a pity and this problem is present with almost all grants in the game. Panther, for example, has about 160mm of armor steel in real life other grants that exist in the game but with the Chieftein they took it very seriously with the pen values ​​because they correspond very precisely to the real values, so that doesn’t work everywhere. simple calculation 0 degrees penetration is halved at 60 degrees very simple

LG Vater_Unser-96