PC will blue screen for 1 second and then reboot (without turning off) to login screen

I’ve been playing a fair bit of Warthunder and I’ve achieved long hours on this game before but now here and there my PC will blue screen, now I’ve tried to play other games to see if I can replicate it but only seems to happen on Warthunder.

Today I played the division 2, and then construction sim and then went afk on the second game for at least two hours (after being on The division for most of the day), I come back to play some Warthunder and not even 40 minutes in and I get blue screen and have to log back into my PC.

I don’t have any warning or time to try and screenshot the blue screen and idk where else I can try and diagnose the issue, any advice is appreciated.

nothing is overclocked




32GB Kingston Fury Ram

Pro 690-A WIFI DDR4

windows 11 Home


I have been having this same issue since Friday Nov 10th . All my other games work just fine but War Thunder will crash either 10 mins of playing or I can play for a few hours then it crashes. I have gone through and updated drivers as well as roll them back and that hasn’t fixed it. I do not overclock my system and have temp/voltage meters running on my 2nd screen but see no fluctuations on them. I have cleared the cache folder, uninstalled and reinstalled the game as well as removed the high res textures. Looking at the event viewer in windows the critical error reads event 41 Kernel Power.

This of course happens after spending $180 on the WT pack sale…

Geforce RTX 3080Ti
MB: Asus ROG Strix Z690-E
Intel i9-12900K
Ram: Corsair Dominator x4 16gb sticks (64gb)
Windows 11 home

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I have had some critical freezes and crashes in the game lately also. For instance now I can’t even start the game. It just freezes and I have to reboot my PC to get out of it. Can’t even tab out of it so I have no idea what the error code is.

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On the win 10, this issue is PC stocked, and in win 11 this is blue screen. you can try to clean your computer and make sure your ram keeps lower than 70%, one of the reasons is overheat. By the way, the crash name is called clock watch dog timeout.

If doesn’t work, use this method.
open config.blk by text.
change renderer3:t=“auto” to renderer3:t=“32bit”

Same problem here, i do have OC on CPU, GPU and RAM but everything is stable on other games. I already tested without any oc and nothing changes. Tried to reinstall but nothing changes, ran a file integrity check but everything is fine. Tried to run the renderer3:t=“auto” to renderer3:t=“32bit” and still crash.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X @5.15GHz PBO2
RAM: Viper Steel 4x8GB 4400MHz @3800MHz CL14 1T GDM ON 1,5V
GPU: RTX 3080 12GB OC +160 core, +850 mem, 115% power
Windows 11 Pro

Everything is watercooled