Pc transfer

Does anyone know when they are gonna start accepting transfers again?? If you do please answer


Im waiting as well. I have a 5 yr old xbox account i tried to transfer only to be told its on pause due to overwhelming demand. I was 4 months late. I only want to spend more money on marketplace and gaijin store so youd think they would help me in an effort to turn a profit. WTF

Hello, sorry for my english but i’m same here. I want have a full pc transfer so wait and see…

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PS4 player speaking…
Account transfer is no more available, but there is an option to bind psn account to gaijin account, so it’s possible to log in into pc version with the same account without loosing any progress.

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How ?

There you go 😊

Playing on PC, specially with a good one, it’s way better than playstation

i took a break from the game just 2 months before they started it… so i also missed out.

I bind my psn account but i lost all process when i logged into pc

What kind of process?

Don’t remember exactly, because it’s a lot since I do not use console, but once your account is binded, it’s possible to login and play both on pc and consolle side without loosing any progress.