PC transfer suspended for a YEAR already!

Since the old forum retired, we lost track of everything about the PC transfer service.
Can anyone tell us any news or updates about it?

I don’t have my console right now, and I finally managed to borrow a PS5 to buy 10 packs from the PlayStation Store to join this year’s Spring Sale. And have to waste 103 days of the Premium time because the Premium time included in these packs is only activated on the console. AND NO COMPENSATION. Very considerate customer service.

I really don’t want to go through all this painful experience again in this year’s Anniversary Sale. And I don’t want to wait a whole year just for this.


Same here, more than 1 year playing on pc and unable to buy vehicles packs because i dont have my ps4 no more to activate the packs into the account. Its a shame what they are doing.


I support our console friends in thier want to have a proper transfer/migration option, or at least a more open schedule for these situations.

The conditions on some things are based on the market you use, but I do see an issue if you can activate premium on the console then not be able to use it on the PC…

Is that actually how it’s working, as I really do think that shouldn’t even be the case.


I appreciate your support of this post.

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i saved a bunch of money for the anniversary sale without thinking console might not get it. microsoft and sony need to do something.

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I waited all year for the Anniversary and Christmas sale last year and Xbox players were not able to participate due to nothing being on sale for either sale. Not sure if it was Microsoft or Gaijin, but can’t understand why they would not include Xbox players. They are definitely missing out on making money. I hope Xbox players are included in this year’s sales!