Pc technical problems

Guys, My problem is with cpu or gpu idk.
At first, I had FPS drops, from 80 to 12, then back to normal(this didn’t happen when I bought the laptop), then the problem went bigger, the game started to minimize itself to the taskbar, and when I opened it, it said the gpu was hung. sometimes the game closes itself by itself and i have to launch it from the beginning.

My Laptop specs, Intel core i5 10500H
And GPU GTX 1080.
8 giga ram.
This problem started after the air superiority update.
And No, i don’t open any other apps with the game running, i close everything before running the game.

how are the temps?
laptops can get really fidgety with temps on higher demanding games.

Very normal, sometimes it gets high in other apps but without lagging.

It js telling me it 90 degrees, but i dont feel it that hot

The cpu is 92, while gpu is 30. Cpus fan speed is 87% while gpu is 91%

cpu is getting temp limited. as soon as it gets to 90 its starts slowing down to not get hotter.
gpu on 30 might mean its not being used.

  1. Right click desktop → display settings → scroll down to and click graphics → change default graphics settings → hardware accelerated GPU scheduling = ON

  2. in the Nvidia control panel under “manage 3d settings” set preferred graphics processor to the GTX1080.

  3. update Nvidia drivers

  4. restart pc

  5. run game and open task manager to check which GPU the game is using.