PC Shuts down after I go in an tank rb

A week ago after going into tank matches my pc started to shut itself down for no reason. Checked event log nothing there this only happens on tank rb only was able to play air rb without a problem.

I updated my drivers- did not work
Deleted my graphical drivers and reinstalled them- did not work

I am using an I3-12100F and RX 6650XT graphics card

Appreciate any help


Yeah, it seems to be happening to a bunch of people in this section. It happens to me as well. My computer completely freezes/BSOD’s after barely a minute of gameplay in Tank RB. It’s very likely that EAC is conflicting and freezing people’s computers.

Hm I see hope that there will be an fix or there is one because its so annoying I can’t grind anything at all

After finding out the same problem with other people from games I think I need to just update my bios

It doesn’t kick me out, but my screen freezes sometimes on Tue and only on Tue since the last update, my pc is an i9-11900K rtx 3070 and 32GB of RAM.

It’s not a You-problem, it’s the game’s optimization and/or EA

Yeah updating my bios did not work at all

Did you tweak anything like your gpu clock?

The game optimization?

Do you mean you disabled full screen optimization etc?

This is an online game meant to run together with a bunch of services in the background.

Are you using vsync?
If yes, enable vsync from NVCP only.

I did not tweak my gpu clock and I am not using vsync + I am on an AMD GPU

Okay, strange, did you first launch the files verification thingy from the launcher?

Yeah I did

I don’t think there’s a temporary fix at all. This comes from EAC or the game itself.

People, try this out:

  • First, uninstall EAC from the EasyAntiCheat folder in WT.
  • Second, download this EAC that’s from the official website: EasyAntiCheat.exe
  • Third, rename that downloaded .exe into EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, and replace the one from the WarThunder/EasyAntiCheat/ folder.
  • Fourth, install it with this new .exe.

Please report back, because I think it works perfectly now. I tried out 4 matches, and all of them worked flawlessly without PC crashes or FPS loss, when the first match would straight up crash in less than a minute…

I will try and post the results thank you

I think that fixed the problem atm havent crashed my pc for the first match gonna try a bit more

It crashed the PC again no BSOD or anything again

For some reason it sometimes happens at the 23 minute gameplay mark and the first minute of the match

It happened at the 12th minute mark now wow

Try redoing what I mentioned, as in, uninstall EAC, copy-paste the same .exe, install from that new .exe, and test again. In my case, I did that again and it worked perfectly fine in three matches no matter the amount of chaos in my screen.
It’s likely that EAC gets modified after exiting the game, which leads to a crash or BSOD if not reinstalled to a fresh state.