PC Shuts down after a few games in Ground RB

I genuinely don’t even know what to do about this anymore. My PC is less than a year old, having been built in August last year. The rig runs perfectly fine, can run any game on ultra settings without breaking a sweat, and yet Ground RB manages to turn my pc off. I’ve run every test imaginable, from GPU to PSU tests, even changing RAM and PSU.
To get more specific: I can play Air RB just fine, without issue. When I play Ground RB, everything is fine for about 10ish games, then the PC just turns off. The only thing I could find in the event viewer is the Kernel Power ID 41 Error, which could be a million things. If anyone could be of ANY help, I’d appreciate.

Intel Core i9 13900K
2x 2TB Crucial P5 Plus M.2
Asus Z790-A Gaming Wi-Fi
GeForce RTX 4070

There could be a chance that there is a driver issue for the geforrce. update the drivers as they fixed the issue with NVIDIA drivers. Also you may need to clean out your PC with a can of air. blow any dust that my be on the heat sink.

Your CPU or your Video card can be overheating and shutting down to prevent damage. I have an MSI mother board so i use MSI center and i can look at all the temps on my pc. Then i have another program i can use to look at my video card temps. you can use MSI Afterburner to look at temps if i remember correctly. So can of air to clean out, if that doesnt work get the programs to monitor the temps.

Are you overclocking the GPU at all?

all of my drivers are always kept up to date. My temps are always below 65 degrees Celsius, and I have my GPU set to auto overclock, I have done nothing manually to overclock it.

turn off the auto overclock and see if that helps

As I did state in the original post, I have tried literally everything possible to fix the issue, yet nothing works. It is genuinely baffling to me how only Ground RB is able to turn my pc off, no other gamemode, or even any other game has done it.

Have you contacted war thunder support?

Of course he has, as hes said he has already tried everything possible to fix it.

Alright then its time to accept the fact that its not fixable.

yes, I did at one point but they weren’t able to help if it was a matter of my PC, not the game itself.

You have tried everything possible so your problem isn’t fixable, sorry.

I have the same problem, but mine freezes for a few seconds and then turns off. I have tried other more demanding games and nothing happens, I play war thunder and the PC turns off by itself.
This has been happening since update