PC Freezes with Easy Anti Cheat

On the 7th June there was a very small update for both War Thunder and Hell Let Lose on steam. After that update, I have been unable to play Hell Let Lose or War Thunder while using EAC [so I have been playing Air RB in War Thunder only]. What happens is that when I run either of these games [the only games that I have that I know uses EAC] they will initiate the loading of the game, however, once EAC runs, my whole PC freezes up and needs to be re-booted via the reset button; I can play problem free all day though without EAC or more resource intensive games. The problem is exactly EAC.

I have had assistance from Gaijin support, however they ran out of possible fixes and just blamed my hardware; which I have tested every component and have not found a single error with anything. I have also had assistance from Windows support and they said that there is a conflict between EAC and a driver, but they didnt mention what driver at the time.

If anyone has experienced such an issue and/or knows how to fix this problem, please do comment and provide some help.

And before you ask! no, I do not have any cheats on any game that I have ever played. The only game that I have ever used a cheat on is the 1997 game Age of Empires that I got with a serial box and you can press like the left shift or something to type in cheat codes and get men with laser guns. Fun game.

-System- MSI Mag Z790 Tomahawk Mobo, Corsair Vengeance 64GB (4x16GB) 5,600MT/s CL36 DDR5, Intel Core i5 13600K, Noctua NH-U12A, MSI Spatium M390 M.2 2TB, Windows 11.

You may want to try this …

  1. Go to the game folder and uninstall EAC

  2. Delete aces.exe from the Win32 folder

  3. Delete aces.exe from the Win64 folder

  4. Start the launcher

The launcher will download the EAC as well as the new version of the aces.exe for Win32 and Win64. Once it’s done, try launching the client.


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Unfortunately this did not work.