Pbv 302 BILL(s) 20mm Akan, In-game VS IRL

Just watch the video, you’ll see.

Here is the report, please leave a reply and “click ze blue button” You would really make my day.


LADS its fixed! Thank you Dev team!!

irl sounds the same just with more bass. All guns are (obviously) a lot louder IRL than in games, the issue is that if they make 20mm sound super loud and bassy, then you won’t be able to go any louder with large caliber tank guns

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I mean. There would be a difference since the 120mm would be a heckuva lot more powerful and leave a greater reverb than a 20mm.

A 12.7 would for example sound like this.

The 35mm Bushmaster would still sound better.

And the 40mm

And here is a small treat. From BAE Hägglund