Payment with Klarna and Mobilepayment (Smartphone) not possible

Are there any known issues with these payments?

If i wanna pay by Klarna it says error 3036 (not available in your country - germany) even if ive bought a very big amount of stuff in warthunder before, but since a few days it comes with this error…

mobile payment (smartphone bill) it just says error 3022 (Payment could not be processed.)

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same problem here i cant buy stuff anymore because klarna is my only way doing it

yeah dude same here says the same stuff and everything was just trying to buy some packs while i still can but then this error came up

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I am also living in Germany.I cant purchase using klarna…I tried Paypal and Giro pay nothing pass…Seems its some problem in Germany i belive…For 1 week i cant purchase nothing…

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Same problem here in the Netherlands

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Get yourself prepaid credit cards and buy with them

If you don’t know what they are …google

They function as real cards,you can get them all over Europe in most shops or even some banks.

Why should we? This Company wants to earn money and one of theyre payments doesnt work anymore, its Gaijins problem so they have to fix it not the customer!

Because credit/debit cards will never have this problem

Meanwhile ive bought two things payed by mobile bill, BUT thats really expensive.
Cause of this MassOfUnknown from gaijin AND klarna ill buy nothing at least until christmas sale.

If they wont earn my money they´ve to leave it. There are enough places to waste my money lawl.
(Just fun fact: Last summersale ive bought for about 400€… now for about 70€…)

is there already a solution?

Nope… still not available.

Seems gaijin wont earn money. Only solutions are smartphone payment (bill) or paysafecard BUT that takes another 3€ for ~ 70€ purchase which im not ready to pay.

Good way to save money, guys dont waste your money with these expensive services.

P.s the support from gaijin and klarna are even unqualified and cant answer simple questions.

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