PASARS-16: Jack-of-all-Trades

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800px-Flag_of_Serbia_svg.png.687eceff266 PASARS-16: Jack-of-all-Trades 150px-Emblem_of_the_Serbian_Land_Forces_

Disclaimer: This suggestion focuses on the 2nd production variant as it is the newest model and references all other models. All models of the PASARS-16 SPAAG share the same name, same development timeframe, and there’s no official designation separating them apart.


Production variant of the PASARS-16 in use by the Serbian Military.



PASARS-16 Prototype Variant


The first prototype of the PASARS-16.


Side view of the prototype PASARS-16.

PASARS-16 Production Variant 1:



PASARS-16 on display.


PASARS-16 on parade.



Side view of the PASARS-16 firing its 40mm gun w/o its missile system.


Rear view of the PASARS-16 with a RLN-IC/170 missile.


The PASARS-16 anti-air system w/o missiles.



Modified turret with launcher moved to main gun location for test-firing purposes.

Prvi srpski hibridni PVO sistem PASARS-16 TERMINATOR Air Defense System - YouTube

The PASARS-16 demonstration video.

## PASARS-16 Production Variant 2



Different angles of the PAARS-16.


PASARS-16 with integrated Mistral 3 missiles.


Both production variants of the PASARS-16 together.


Production variant armed with 2x 9K32M Strela-2M and 2x 9K38 Igla missiles, sometimes referred to as the PASARS-4.


Tank Commander’s Panoramic Surveillance and Observation Station (TOMS) CITV.

PASARS-16 — Short Range Self-Propelled Air Defense System - YouTube

PASARS-16 Terminator Serbia - YouTube

Gađanje iz PASARS-a - YouTube

Videos discussing and demonstrating the PASARS-16 production version 2.


An absolute yes. Such a cool idea, and the ability to unlock different missiles would be fun too! +1

Would be nice to have a USSR version with Igla / Strela-2M, and an FR version with the Mistrals. The Mistrals would be the Mistral 3 ER.

While I like the vehicle, i feel like USSR is already pretty dominating in terms of SPAAs with stuff like the Strela and Pantsir in high tier and this would probably only add to that

This would be a likely addition for a Yugo tree. There really isn’t any Russian/Soviet involvement with it.

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If so i’d like to see it added
might wanna add that to the description to make it clear
tho i could just be blind and have missed it

It’s in the implementation section but no problem

I prove myself correct

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Perhaps skipping out on the Mistral 3 might be a good idea since it literally can’t be defeated by countermeasures

Seems balanced

Uh. Mistral 2 is basically impervious to flares as well …

Existing EO ground missiles with larger warheads and further range also remain impervious to flares in-game anyways. At least it would give the option of a useful 10.0 anti-air to France anyways if added, especially since the devs are insistent on giving MANPADS anemic g-limits.