Panzerjager G13 Pak.51, Swiss up-gunned Hetzer

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caid’s suggestion #75

I would like to suggest an interesting Swiss tank destroyer, the Panzerjager G13 armed with the 7.5 cm Pak.51

this tank is a modernization of the Swiss G13 made by Switzerland in 1956. the G13 the WW2 German Hetzer rearmed with the 7.5 cm Pak.40 gun was introduced in the Swiss army in 1949 as a main tank. the Swiss military doctrine been based on the defense, the Hetzer was fit for the task. but far from modern by them. the 7.5 cm Pak.39 that was usually used in the Hetzer was just not what Switzerland needed. the 7.5 cm Pak 40 had a better recoil and a longer lifespan. the Pak.40 was still potent in the early 50s but already lacklusting. the introduction of the Leitch Panzer 51 in 1954 made the G13 just irrelevant as the light tank offered higher mobility and higher firepower than the G13. this means the G13 was basically obsolete in the Swiss army itself. only 153 were In services and no foreseen replacement was yet proposed. it was in 1956 a proposed modernization was built. the concept is simple since the Lpz 51 had better firepower, they just refitted the gun in the G13. the Pak.51 offered a much better penetration against armoured targets and the break barely took more space in the tank. at the same time, this modification was low-cost and allowed standardization of the Swiss military equipment. having 2 tanks with the same gun makes it easier to supply the ammunition. the trial was successful but the concept was never adopted as standardization. there are 2 reasons, the first was the introduction of the Panzer 55 which was bought at a low cost in 1956 and partially eliminated the need to have the G13, and the introduction of the Panzer 61 which was intended to replace the G13 completely by the late 60s. the only prototype of G13 Pak.51 was reverted into regular G13 in 1961 not long after the official cancellation of the project.

the main armament for this tank is the 7.5 cm Pak.51 also known as the 75mm SA50 in other nations. This gun is a fairly well-known gun in the game found in various vehicles. the most notable is the AMX 13 from 1951. this gun is a conventional gun with a decent reload speed and high velocity. the 75mm rounds are reaching 1000 m/sec even without APCR or APDS. the round has been APC and APCBC are offering a pretty decent penetration without the reduction of post-penetration damage that we can find in other WW2 guns that can reach the same penetration such as the OQF-17 prd or 76mm M1. it is not confirmed by in the G13 it would have about the same elevation and transverse as the regular Pak.40 and the ammunition would also be similar. basically, it would be an improvement in terms of anti-tank capacity over the Pak.40 which allows the user to engage heavier targets.
additionally, a 7.5mm MG 38 AA machine gun is mounted on the roof. this machine gun didn’t appear in the photo but was standard in the G13. this machine gun has a fire rate of 600 rounds per minute a rotation of 360 and an elevation of 90. this allows rather great flexibility against harassing targets such as aircraft and light vehicles.

the G13 has been refitted with postwar Saurer CH2DRM, 11640cc, Diesel NA V8, 150hp @2000rpm, installed in 1952, and is weighing 16 tonnes. the tank will be slightly inferior in mobility than the Hetzer who is slightly lighter but this will not be so obvious. the power-weight been a bit low it would not be a very fast vehicle but will be capable of moving around quit well regardless. the transmission offering 5f/1r will allow a pretty decent speed of a bit over 42 km/h

  • 1st: 10.74:1, 6.0km/h
  • 2nd: 4.08:1, 10.0km/h
  • 3rd: 2.55:1, 17.1km/h
  • 4th: 1.60:1, 25.7km/h
  • 5th: 1.00:1, 42.6km/h
  • R: 6.88:1, 8.0km/h

this tank protection will be nice in the front but weak on the side. this is mostly due to the thick and very sloped armor on the front. it will make it rather difficult to penetrate it from a frontal hit. the side also features some slope but is only 20mm thick. beside the slope been intended to protect against the ground attack making it easier for the aircraft with 12.7mm to penetrate it as the slope made it nearly flat from the eyes of a fighter. the lack of a turret makes it very vulnerable to flanking and the 20mm on the side, despite being sloped, will usually be of no help. the roof is very thin which makes the aircraft a great treat for it. the protection has been all over allowing it to survive quite well to artillery rounds and HE rounds. the crew of 4 men allows a decent survivability to AP round but as they are close to each other, an APHE may take it out in a single hit.



there is many mention but little details about it



Iirc, the original G.13 wasnt equipped with a Pak 40, but instead the StuK 40.


+1 for Swiss tree


Pak.40 is the Swiss designation

it stand for Panzer Kanon. which mean Tank gun

also it wasn’t based on the Stuk.40 but on the Kwk.40 as those documents from the swiss archive show

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Ok, but also StuK 40 and Kwk 40 are pretty much identical, just different placement of recoil Cylinders.

yes, they are nearly identical, I was just accurate here. that is because they are nearly identical and most people assume it was the Stuk.40

But it also sayes on the 2nd page Kwk/Pak 40 St-G (which i assume is Sturm Geschütz.)

the 75mm St-G round used in the Pak.40 is usually an Ex-German round bought from the Czech stock. but they were not very well stored. it had a lot of defects due to the poor condition of the rounds. they also had the Pz-G Boz but Skoda made this one. it had a higher velocity which might be caused by the different rounds, but the gun giving a different performance or just the roundup number in the archive. there is also a lighter anti-tank round with a velocity of 835m/sec which wasn’t compatible with the German-made Kwk.40 due to the beech seal being 3mm smaller. it indicates that the Pak.40 was a gun on his own and not a renamed Kwk.40.

I am still trying to clarify the data about Pak.40. this is why I made no suggestion about the G13 yet but I got all the info to do a raw suggestion already. it might be coming soon. I just found those rounds fascinating and wait to see if it could be interesting to add to the game.

This is a really cool combination, I would definitely play this if we ever get a Swiss tree of some kind in-game.


Isn’t it stands for Panzerabwehrkanone?

yes, only the Swiss designed the tank gun. while the Germans usually use this designation for the field gun and Kampfwagenkanone for the tank guns.
the Swiss usually call the field gun Feldkanone (FK) or Fliegerabwehrkanone (Flak) or (Flab)

the Swiss German and the German German aren’t the same, there are a bunch of differences in the meanings which may be confusing for those not aware of them

The abbreviation for Swiss cannon is as follows:
Feldkanone(Field Artillery) - F Kan
Panzerabwehrkanone(Anti-Tank Gun) - PaK
Panzerkanone(Tank Gun) - Pz Kan
Fliegerabwehrkanone(Anti-Air Gun) - Flab Kan
Flugzeugkanone(Aircraft Gun) - Flz Kan
Infanteriekanone(Infantry Gun) - Ik
Haubitze(Howitzer) - Hb

As far as I know, the Swiss Army has never used the name Flak.

I found trace of a new round available for this gun

the APDS 75/54/40

all of those was found in the file E5160A#2007/15#144* at the swiss federal archive. the documents were given directly to me by the archive itself just in case the admin wonder if it was declassified (as I know there is no stamp on the last picture)


I dont know if it could shoot, but i WANT it. I like that lamborghini-looking Jagdpanzer preetty much