Panzer III Turret speed

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I dont really know where else to currently post this, but the Pz III Ausf. B-J should recive as softstat ballancing also a turret traverse speed of 14°/sec (and perhaps higher for the Ausf. B as it has an even lighter turret and a different faster traverse system).
All the Pz IIIs from Ausf. E to N use a pretty much identical traverse system, with only later on slight production simplifications of 2,2°/turn of the handwheel for the Gunner and a 2nd wheel with 2,2°/turn of the handwheel for the loader.
Unfortunately there are no tests of how fast it can go,
However we know (reported it myself back then) that the Pz IV Ausf. J hand traverse can reach 10°/sec (with gunner and loader who have a similar setup with different °/turn). While the Pz III turret is about 1 ton lighter (mostly the gun), has a smaller turret ring and a higher °/turn value of the traverse gears.
Yet in game for the low rank Pz IIIs (B-J) instead of the 14°/sec (J1-N) they only have 5,5°/sec (6,0°/sec for Ausf. B). Which itself are also Placeholders.
I hope this gets noticed by the developers or so, that perhaps the early models also get 14°/sec traverse as softstat ballancing, as especially at the low ranks mobility and turret speed is important, while the Pz IIIs armor (except perhaps the Js) arent all that good, their turret traverse hinders them extremly, if your engine or frontal transmission is shot you are pretty much unable to do anything if the enemy is not allready pretty much in your sight. While most tanks at the rank have about double to tripple the traversespeed of the Pz IIIs, IF you have them aced with a completly pumped up crew to even have the full 5,5°/sec.

So in short the Pz III B (with the even lighter turret and faster gears) should get around 21°/sec traverse and Ausf. E-J should also get the 14°/sec traverse the rest of the Pz IIIs allready have.
Currently they are slower in traverse than even the Pz IV Ausf. J

absolutely agreed, i feel like T-60 and T-70 also have too low turret traverse speed, but i have no source

If you want them to get changed you’ll need to make a bug report with documentation proving that it’s under performing.

As i wrote there is no documentation, also i allready did, with calculation and comparisson to the Pz IV.

Then you’ve done all you can.

Thats why i am here to move it more upfront.
Available data is the turret weight, turret ring diameter, °/turn of the handwheel. As well as some data which was enove to calulate the traverse speed of the Pz IV J turret, which they also implemented after i reported it, however they did not for the Pz III.

supposedly the T-80 light tank had an electric traverse too.

No, but there was an T-90 AA (based on the T-80) with unchanged traverse system, which was also the downfall because it was super slow.

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I believe Gaijin has reduced the turret traverse rate from it’s theoretical max value as a way to account for greater difficulty of traversing the turret by hand on an incline. If this game was realistic, yes Pz.III would be able to slew its turret at 15-20°/sec on level ground, but would be completely unable to traverse it while sitting on more than 20° incline. So instead of dealing with this they just took the average and put it in the game.

But the other Pz IIIs are 14°/sec and thats also not the case for the Pz IV J, which has a bigger and 1 ton heavyer turret. With an even longer gun.
Not to mention all the other tanks that dont have such, or a full bock on traverse like the Kw tanks for example.