Panzer 3 Ausf N ( Minenkommando )

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Hi Guys.

Today i want to sugguest a Panzer 3 used by the Danish military operated by both German “POW/Captured forces” and Danish soldiers in the operation to clear the minefields on the Danish beaches.



When the war ended and Denmark was liberated by their German occupiers there was a massive minefields throughout European beaches like Denmark. And these mines had to be cleared in order so that civilians are able to use them again.
One of the ways the allies found the way to have the correct manpower to remove these 1,5 million mines was sending captured German soldiers to these beaches in a mission to clear these minefields.
The operation took about 2 years to complete and over 1,4 million mines being disabled with more mines been cleared in the decades after the war.
The mine clearing operation in 1945 to 1947 is considered controversial in both Germany and Denmark. One of the reasons is because of the allies denied captured German soldiers being POW,s. Meaning they were not protected by the Geneva convension as POW,s. and it is declared POW,s are not allowed to do dangerous work.
Another reason of controversy being that some of the German soldiers was what could be considered child soldiers. And had an age of below 18 years old.
Numbers differ in fatality rates. But at least 149 Germans were killed in the mine clearing and more than 400 was injured. Other numbers say its above 300 killed and 500 injured
Some Danish officers was also injured in the operation.

One of the main vehicles used in the operation was the Panzer 3 Ausf N. and at the operations beginning the Gun was disabled and mine clearing rollers was installed in the back.
There were a couple of incidents were the tanks would drive into a mine that would blow its track off.
Some of the other machines used worth of note were Stug 3 of diffirent types and German halftracks.
Today only 1 tank suvived scrapping the Panzer 3 Ausf N. And it sits in Danish museums.



The Minenkommando Panzer 3 Ausf N is allmost identical to the current Panzer 3 Ausf N currently in War Thunder with the only belived diffirence being there a no side skirts on the sides.
In the pictures there can be seen tracks installed in the front of the hull on some of the Panzer 3 Ausf N tanks and addon armor still been installed to the frontal plate.
Also on the frontal plate there are the letters Minenkommando.


Armor of the Panzer 3 Ausf N

The gun is the same 75 mm KwK37 cannon as seen ingame

The Engine is the Maybach hl120trm and should have the same Power as ingame.

The tank had a crew of 5 men. Comander, Gunner, Driver, Loader and Machine gunner.


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swedens tech tree im assuming for this? since germany already has a premium N (still think it should be in the tech tree but whatever)