Pantsir-s1 bugg "radar"

The SPAA Pantsir-S1 is a highly regarded self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery system known for its capabilities in countering a wide range of airborne threats, including aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles. However, recent discussions have highlighted concerns regarding the radar tracking performance of the Pantsir-S1, with reports indicating that it occasionally experiences radar lock issues, causing missiles to lose energy and deviate from their intended trajectories. This post aims to delve into the possible causes of these radar tracking problems and their implications for the system’s overall effectiveness,
The SPAA Pantsir-S1’s radar tracking issues, characterized by wiggling or unstable locks, are a matter of concern for the defense community. It is imperative to thoroughly investigate the root causes of these problems and implement effective solutions to restore the system’s reliability and effectiveness. Addressing these radar tracking challenges will be essential to ensuring that the Pantsir-S1 remains a capable and dependable asset in countering airborne threats on the modern battlefield.
P.S the radar losses the tracks then regains it whithin the span of a second


The Pantsir was the single worst thing to be added for top tier ground battle balance in the ground tect tree.

Short of it being entirely removed from the game, I think it being in a nerfed state is healthy.


Already reported:

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this isn’t a poll to vote the removal of vehicles this is a forum reporting about a bug that’s happening only to the Pantsir-s1 Radar for me if i see any vehicles that’s having problem instead of just get annoyed by it i just post about it so the devs can fix it