Pantsir S-1 seems to tank heli ATGMs indefinetly

Just wanted to say that I encountered this bug several times now. Finally I’ve made a screeny and guess its more than just bad luck. Happened like 10 times so far.

I shot 4 PARS ATGMs on this one. But those didn’t kill it. Somehow just some unimportant compartments turned yellow and orange. The suspension and the turret ring were taken out, as you can see.
Without any crew damage, nor other critical damage. As I said 4 ATGMs and 4 hits, always with this result.

Its really like “art”, when a top down missile manages to always hit the suspension^^ And how can the turret ring black out cause of a tandem heat missile…without oblitering the whole vehicle`?

I noticed something similar with 120mm HEAT shells. I often like to go around the map in my Leopard tanks. So it often happens that I stumble upon these trucks. The first times I always reloaded HEAT to shot these, since it usually kills light, unarmored vehicles with overpressure alone. But not the Pantsir. It survives center mass aimed HEAT shells. Don’t get me wrong, some MG bullets or a dart kill it very quickly. But its just the resistance vs. HEAT damage, which is very strange.

So there’s something iffy with the damage model imho. My own Flarakrad AA Truck gets taken out when a heat shell scratches the Radar dish, if it sticks out^^


Can confirm on that, there is a bug report open about that as well, would love to see it fixed.

PARS 3 in current patch // // Issues

I just threw two 4kg explosive TOW ATGMs at one, the second into the glass of the driver compartment. Hot zero. Absolutely nothing. The one before got a HEAT jet crew kill at least. Nice to see that getting two missiles hand-guided from a 9.7 heli will do nothing against a 11.7 SPAA. So reassuring.

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