Pantsir Radar Lock

Why does it jump around so much? I struggle to maintain a consistent lock with it, regardless of if a plane is in open sky or is obscured by ground clutter. The auto-leading function often fails to guide the missile correctly. Manual guidance is significantly hindered unless you do not lock a target.

The ITO has no issue keeping a consistent lock, and the manual guidance is much easier to use with the missile not trying to follow a jumpy lock.

Is the radar in Pantsir bugged or is it inherent to PESA type radars?

i guess it’s just some old russian junk radar

this is a bug

why u wanna fix it, it’s enough that pantsir can shoot down every jet miles away it got the best radar, best missile, can lock onto everything i mean look at adats years now and no new spaa and even the adats its not made for jets.

The pantsir and thor radar have bugs.

They do not work as they are supposed to. Especially noticeable when tracking perpendicularly flying targets.

The other SAMs do not have this bug.

It’s broken in it’s current state.

It certainly could be the best in the game with a working radar, but I have a much better time with the ITO. The pantsir is more capable on paper, but not as it currently is in game.

And if we’re honest, planes armed with AIM9Ms have similar capabilities for anti air/CAP in GRB, as you cannot see the missiles. IMO that’s a balancing factor. And it’s not like VT1 slingers are bad.