Panther Volumetric Whoopsie?

After seeing the update regarding the 90mm gun for the M36 I wanted to give it a go in a test drive. I was surprised to see multiple (15+) non-penetrating hits on the Panther tanks gun mantlet. I decided to give it a look in the armor layout / protection analysis and well… I found out why. It seems the game, at certain angles, thinks the turret face is almost roughly 1/5th the tanks length in thickness.


Even accounting for armor angle / curvature and the length of the plate itself it doesn’t make sense. I’ve normally only seen this on horizontal plates, like above the Tiger / Panther’s gear. But even then it was never this extreme or ridiculous.


Gaijoob has failed time and time again to fix this messy, buggy, glitchy game and I do not know if they care anymore.