Panther II: A fake

Hello! I was watching a Cone of Arc video recently (Will put that in the sources below) and found out the Panther II in game is fake. It is instead a mixup of two different prototypes (That being the panther II itself, and the panther 88.

In the book “Der Panzerkampfwagen Panther und Seine Abarten (The Panther and its variants),” the author got both the Panther II project and the Panther 88 mixed up, a common misconception.

Due to the one surviving tank found in a museum, I can assume that the Panther II was NOT going to mount an 88mm gun, and instead, mount a 75mm gun found on the Panther D, A and G variants, with an upgraded 100mm of armor frontally, and 60mm on the side, essentially a Panther Super.

Had the war not ended, the Panther II was to replaced the Panther Is entirely.

The Panther 88 however, was a project to mount an 88mm gun on a standard Panther chassis, not a Panther II.

Der Panzerkampfwagen Panther und Seine Abarten (The Panther and its variants)

The hull is real enough but neither the in game nor irl version is properly armed.

What was the Panther II gonna be armed with IRL?

You are like years behind on the WT community, thats why it was removed from the TT.

least I cited sources.

Yep, we asked for the real “Panther II” to be added to the TT instead, but they did not do that and just removed the Panther II. I guess the Panther F is close enough

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Essentially the same as the normal panther, think of it as an uparmored panther basically.

I doubt the real Panther II would be that useful.

As it currently stands, the real life thing has the same engine, transmission and turret as a normal Panther. The only thing it has different is the hull armor and suspension.

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The Panther II project was finished and didn’t result in a replacment for the Panther.

The next big thing the Germans wanted was the E-Series of tanks, which also didn’t go anywhere.

So there never would have been a Panther II. Only further improvements to the Panther, like the Panther F, better engine and potentially a loading assist/auto-loader for the 75mm to improve RoF.

The Panther F in-game is somewhat gimmped by having a slower turret traverse (for some reason) and the fact that the regular Panther mantlet provides way too much survivability from shots that should disable the the tank.

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